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August News

I have so many things in the making I thought it best to just update my readers here. This will be a list to keep it simple.

Any questions just continue to ask me on FB or in messages.

First I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my website , my You Tube channel and my Face Book pages. I get so much feedback about what you would like to see, and I want to do it all- it just takes time!

Here is a rundown on what I am working on in August.

1. I changed this web address to You can also get to it with This was a big deal to me because I have used the second address on all my videos, my FB pages, my business cards and I am getting use to it- BUT using my name seemed to be the easiest for me , you and everyone  to get accustomed to. I hope you like it. Lets spread the word.

2. I have shot two strength videos last week. This was big for me because although not scripted, I am talking and trying to explain the movement and the reasons I do what I do and how. (all while working out!) My producer Eric had 2 cameras for the first time, we had a new external mic. Three hours of filming to make two 5-7 minute videos! I will be more involved in editing than ever before – which means more time spent in front of the computer . I expect these videos to be out by the end of the month.

3. I have set up a deal with to make a set of 12 instructional videos. These will be shot and produced by a professional team and will be posted to Unfortunately I was not allowed to pick the topics.  I hope to have more influence and input if my videos become successful. This is an exciting undertaking for me, and will help get my presence out there in cyber world. Not to mention, has just contacted me to film a series of videos with them. I know nothing more except I said yes. 🙂

4. I have joined a team at a new social network called for people who want to get in shape. I have committed to coaching a team for a 6 week challenge. I am excited about this, and look forward to helping a group of about 20-25 women get in shape. The challenge has not started yet, but if any females are interested please visit the webpage or my FB page and I will direct you where to go. There is an entry fee , I believe $99.00? I probably should not type that, but I am pretty sure that is close if not exact. The website and challenge should be underway by the end of this month. I will definitely be posting more on my FB page as it nears.

5. Next week I will start my training again for Track & Field and Swimming for the 2014 Sr. Games in October. For those who have kept up with me, you know I battled a severe case of plantar fasciitis. I can say I am healed after 6-8 months of pain! I will start next week with a new diet regimen. I will not be powerlifting this year due to conflicts with T& F events plus I am so over losing weight to make weight. I just want to eat healthy, be healthy and not have to weigh in for anything for a while! I did add one event to swimming and will consider one event to my field events. I will still be lifting weights 4 days per week – that is a part of me that I cannot give up . I love the weights.

6.  I am training clients at 3 facilities in town and stay very busy with that and online clients. I am loving life and I still manage to take off Sundays!!  My posters have come to a standstill due to me not having the proper program on my computer to make them look like I want them to. I have been limited by what I can do. I want to put out more but make them look better. In time.

7. And on a personal note- my cat Theodore has gone 8 months cancer free, but a tumor has reappeared. I found out he was diabetic and changed his diet drastically. He is now a healthy weight- Monday I will find out that his diabetes is under control (no drugs) and I will keep him healthy and happy till he succumbs to the tumors that will most likely overtake his little body. He will be 11 on Sept 5th.  I expect him to live a few more years, but I will not take that for granted, we know his time is limited. but we love the little guy and I promise he gets the best care of any cat ever!!

I love and appreciate every one of you. Thank you for your support!


Coach Wendy





Bodybuilding with Coach Wendy

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a bodybuilding show, but this time not as a competitor.

I had been helping a young man named Ricky Carrillo get ready for the Jacksonville Physique Contest.

I met Ricky when he was 14 and playing basketball at the YMCA. He was an all-around athlete (athlete of the year at his High School) and is now an engineering major at UCF. While in HS, he would talk with me about weight lifting and nutrition. Once he went away to college, he took everything he had learned and applied it. Ricky came home for the Holidays a whopping 200 Lbs., when prior; it was all he could do to hit 150!  He had been eating and training like he wanted something.

Ricky notes,

“Throughout my life, I was always the skinny kid. In 8th grade, I was ecstatic when the scale reached a whopping 100 pounds…By my senior year of high Rciky & me #1school, the scale finally hit 150 lbs., mostly due to added height and minimal muscle gains. In high school I always wanted to get bigger, but I never got the results, mostly due to a lack of knowledge on the subject, and extensive sports activities. I trained for increased performance in basketball, cross country, and track. After high school, I became increasingly interested and, some would say, obsessed with hypertrophy training. I spent my free time learning how the body functioned and how this correlated with muscle and strength gain. Wendy and I became closer friends through our mutual interests and talked often about nutrition and training. Our conversations sparked what would soon become more than just a hobby; bodybuilding through healthy eating/living became my lifestyle.” 

Ricky came to me one day in December and said he wanted to cut up. I asked,” For what?” I am unsure he had anything in mind except to just try it. I suggested he get serious and register for a show. With some time and contemplation, he registered. When I saw him in January, I will never forget the day he lifted up his shirt for me. I said, “My gosh kid, you have gotten fat!” He looked massively muscular to others, a young man who had gained muscle. To me with a show in mind, he was fat. Needless to say, it was time to start a diet.  He has studied a lot about nutrition and we would talk during the weeks ahead and decide what he needed to eat and how. He was getting to know his own body real well and that is a big, big part of being a successful competitive Bodybuilder.  His approach was pretty direct:

I came to Wendy in need of advice about how to turn my hope of one day competing into reality and she replied, “Well, go sign up for a show then!” With that ricky stage 1being said, I found a contest to enter and began my first ever contest preparation.

January 2013, 12 weeks out from the show, I was 200 pounds and around 14-15% body fat. We wrote my diet and training plan and I “checked in” with Wendy continuously to stay on the right track. I soon found out dieting and training isn’t the only thing involved in a bodybuilding contest. I began my preparation with little to no knowledge of the important art of posing.”

Every week I would see Ricky and he would pose for me. I took photos as we watched his complete transformation into the bodybuilder he would become. We had some assistance from Big Mike, in posing. Mike has competed for years and he knows first hand what the judges look for in a guy. I just know what I look for in a guy, so Mike helped with the tweaking as Ricky listened to both of us with earnest intent:

 “Wendy and Mike met with me every week to help me fine-tune my posing ability so I could display my body in a way that would make me competitive. I went into the show being able to pose comfortably and with confidence.”

Ricky was like a sponge soaking up all we had to offer. It was a beautiful display of discipline and determination. A clear cut reason he did so well. And then came the final week….Ricky writes;

“Perhaps the most confusing time for a bodybuilder is what is known as “peak week.” Sodium & water loading, carb & sodium depletion, “switching salts”, then carb loading, water depletion, weight management, shaving, tanning, grooming and posing (with the little posing trunks)…there was enough to keep track of that I needed a notebook just for peak week. With the help of Wendy’s experience, I was able to navigate my way through peak week and drastically improve my conditioning, lower my body fat and bring out the striations in my muscles.” 

I need to add- through the 12 weeks, his bodyweight dropped to 165Lbs. The night of weigh in, he officially weighed 170lbs. By the evening show he was about 174lbs. Middleweight all the way!

ricky-stage-123“Now for the moment of truth, SHOW TIME. Stress levels are high, risking high cortisol levels and drastic body changes, inexperience causing restlessness and uncertainty. But, with Coach Wendy’s steady assurance and expertise, and support from my family & girlfriend, all of those hindering emotions were kept at bay and I was able to focus on “getting the job done.” I placed 3rd in my first competition in the most competitive division of the show. The judges had incredibly motivational and encouraging things to say to me after the show and my excitement grew beyond what I had imagined. Bodybuilding is now my lifestyle.”

It was quite an experience for me to be back in the arena again. I always want to be on stage when I am at the show, but I really don’t want to go through all the stage ready discipline anymore.   We spoke to the judges to get a critique. They said he needed to come back darker (tan) next time and keep doing what he is doing regarding weight training and diet. They also said he reminded them of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger! This was enough to get Ricky excited to keep on going.  His thoughts:

 “I want to express my thanks and gratitude to my Coach Wendy, my family, my girlfriend and supportive friends who were there for help during my preparation and for being a part of my journey to make my desire to compete a reality.”

Incentive, no doubt. We all need it to move forward. I will use it and so will Ricky.

See you next time.

Coach Wendypicisto-20130414125642-246385

APRIL on the way!

IMG_3919With Sugar Free February under our belt and  Wheat Free March winding down, I am wondering, how is everyone doing? I personally have been doing real well.. I have had some bumps along the way- as everyone does, but I have maintained no sugar or wheat in my diet. Everyone knows that I have had some planned “free days” the key word is planned and I made a conscious effort to add those forbidden foods into my day here and there. But for the most part, I will say I have been successful.

How about you? Did anyone lose weight during this time? Did anyone notice some health issues went away? Did anyone notice feeling better overall? Did anyone start a workout program because they felt so well? These are things I am wondering because going sugar and wheat free will have this effect on people. Its amazing how great we feel when we get  all the junk out of our system. Sometimes we never knew we felt bad to begin with. So let me hear from you.

Now on to April

Plans for April are to continue being sugar and wheat free. I am going to start working on presenting some exercise routines in my videos for people to use and start a program- either at home or in the gym. Right now I am getting my feet wet and trying different things, but I have been getting feedback and suggestions about what others want to see. This is all for you! Not for me. I want to bring you what you want and need to get healthy, stay healthy and live a longer and healthier life than the path you were on when we met.

The first weekend in April I will heading to the Jacksonville Physique Contest with a young man I am training named Ricky Carrillo. I will post his photos and story that week. I also have been working on trying to make some real photos of myself to start making those motivational quotes/photos they post all over face book. I love them , but I am tired of people posting pictures of someone they don’t know,(and may never meet) just because the pictures says something like “Work hard train harder”……. I don’t know. I decided to try to come up with my own series of photos, and I am asking for some good quotes to use that would motivate you. So please – suggestions are welcome. All this is underway in April.

It is Spring and it will be a great month. Please continue to follow me on face book and You Tube. I posted the links on my homepage here at this website for you to click on to get to either. Keep the comments coming. This is all coming together but always a work in progress! Stay Healthy and Happy. And Happy Easter!

Wheat Free March

After completing a successful sugar free February, I want to continue to get leaner and healthier for Spring. To keep in my DSC043682.jpgcompetitive spirit, I came up with “Wheat Free March”.

Flashback two years ago, My 38 year old half- sister had an unexpected heart attack. She was overweight, smoked and did not exercise. The Drs. blamed it on genetics, but no one on that side of the family had heart disease, so I am not sure how that all was rationalized. I do know one thing, being overweight meant her diet was terrible. It really was. Was that the cause? I will never know, but all I can do is pray to God those so -called genetics didn’t trickle over to me. If they did, I will do everything in my power to not allow anything into my body (via food) that would obviously cause heart disease.

The more I study, the more I am seeing Medical doctors writing about the links between sugar, cancer and heart disease. That is one reason I felt so strongly to lead people through a no sugar month. Recently after reading the book “Wheat Belly”, I am learning about a connection  with wheat products (ie. processed foods) raising insulin levels as much as sugar, thereby causing the same effects on the body as sugar—which lead to a higher risk of cancer or heart disease.

It’s not quite mainstream media yet, but with more medical doctors being on TV and some others with great websites being so well recognized and followed, I believe our health care system will eventually follow suit and start spreading the word about the awful foods we continue to put into our mouth on a daily basis.

Just last week my 68 year old Aunt had an unexpected heart attack. The cause? All we know is she is overweight and eats lots of that awful food. She will be changing her eating habits immensely this week, hopefully for the rest of her life.

Yes, my sister and my Aunt both lived through their heart attack experience, and now they officially have heart disease. BUT they both have the option to change their lifestyle- eating properly and exercising, or just stay the same. The choice is theirs alone.  Just like the choice is mine alone what to put in my mouth daily. This month I choose to go wheat free. I hope many join me on this journey. It may be hard to do, but it can’t hurt and chances are if we adopt the new style of eating, it may prolong our life and definitely make us look and feel healthier while living it!

Five more days of NO sugar

I am going to be doing some writing this week regarding not only the end of the official sugar detox , but what do we do next?

I hope for those of you who followed along, you realized some things. and for those of you who tried to follow along, I hope you realized some things too. After all- this is all about getting heathy inside and out. Not necessarily losing weight, although that is a by product of sugar free, it is not my main goal.

The book “Wheat Belly” which I am almost done with, will probably lead me to “Wheat Free March.” I have to sit down and finish the book. But I am thinking this is where my March will be headed. I hope I have some suggestions.

Someone asked me if I already had eliminated wheat- because they never saw it in my meal plans. My answer- “well most wheat is in processed foods” (when was the last time you chewed on raw wheat?) And most processed foods have sugar in them, so therefore – no wheat. Now I suppose I could eat Kamut for a cereal in the morning, and possibly wheat free bread,  but I didnt. I really didn’t eat any starches at all in Feb. I  wanted to eliminate any possibililty of my body having any insulin surges after pushing my blood sugar past the normal “post meal” point. (I think that would be in the 80’s-90’s if measured?) I know blood sugar levels and insulin is the big issue we are trying to control going sugar free, but now I am finding that to be true also  in wheat consumption. (learning from the book) So this leads me to pondering March.

This is what I know so far (not finished with the book yet). I will be adding Quinoa to my diet, continue with the squash, and rutabaga(I love that stuff) and add sweet potatoes and maybe a white potato here and there. When it comes to rice– call me crazy but I opt for the white rather than brown rice ( I can hear the squeels now) Listen, when was the last time you saw Sushi wrapped in brown rice?? I LOVE Sushi and when I go out I get a roll or two wrapped in cucumber, but also a roll or two in white rice. So that with an occaisional plain rice cake sometimes completes my rice consumption.

Before I finish this post I want to shout out to my friend Phillip Henderson. He will be opening a franchise in Gainesville, Florida on March 10th called “How Do You Roll“. Guess what they make??? SUSHI! The guys who own the franchise were on the show Shark Tank last week, and I do believe from what I saw,  this store will be the only one in Florida! I will be planning on going to the grand opening and eating lots of sushi- with white rice! So that all said, I look forward to finshing the book  and coming up with my March meal plan layout. Lets get through this last week of Sugar free February together. Enjoy the week!

Coach Wendy on Nutrition in Schools

My Prayer for Children

I saw a news report that childhood obesity and type II Diabetes in children is on the rise- rapidly. And they (whoever they are) are trying to “decide” what to do!! Apparently a little school in Georgia came up with the idea of sugar -free schools. Can I get an AMEN out there? They showed this school in Georgia that has been sugar free for 10 years….. Now where the heck has every other school been during this 10 year time? The kids at this school have been proven to be smarter, in better shape (duh) and have less discipline problems across the board. How long does it take to figure it out??  A few years ago, I was told, when trying to assist in a nutrition program for Florida schools that they cannot remove vending machines from schools because of the MONEY they generate! I think my jaw hit the table as I was trying to keep my composure at a meeting I was attending. Believe me, I said all I could, the discussion lasted a while, but because of the power of the $$$ , people just blew me off as the local YMCA health nut. They had this attitude that things are so bad in local schools with budget cuts already that they would be better off to prostitute student’s future health for money. I was livid, but had absolutely no influence. Believe me; I had a voice in our area regarding children and obesity. I visited schools yearly and talked to kids about exercise and nutrition. I promoted free kids exercise programs at our Y that encouraged kids to learn activities that they can participate in for a lifetime. I sat down with parents from time to time and got personal with them about what they are feeding their children. I tried unsuccessfully to start a physical education program for kids who are home schooled.  This was a big part of my job and I took it seriously, but my hands were tied with exactly what I was able to do.

Anyway- what gets me is what parents feed their kids, then the kids are at school 7 hours a day and schools destroy any chance of healthy Wendy's post foodthat they may have. So back to sugar free schools. Let’s see how long it takes for more schools to catch on, but believe me, you watch, it will all be about $$$..and then years from now …well, I could go on forever…So I will end by saying this to all the people  who have kids, once you get your “back to health” routine going, please don’t leave your kid out of it. Even if they are little skinny kids- and the Dr. says they need to fatten up, don’t allow them to start making unhealthy habits that will destroy them later in life. I know you think they need sweet “treats” for whatever reason, but you are setting the stage for them to turn into what you are trying to get out of. Make sure they eat right and exercise. You can do it- and they will love being able to be like mom or dad. This is one of my passions, and I have an audience here on the web that can help plant more seeds than I could from a small town gym.

My prayers are for kids everywhere to get the start they need to establish healthy lifestyles. It will be healthy parents who promote this. Thanks for listening.

Wendy Russo at Work!

 Coach Wendy –

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach with Joey – Powerlifting Medals!

After 30+ years in athletics, coaching, teaching, competing, and lifelong learning, my passion is to drive myself to be the best I can be.  I live my life through hard work and dedication to lead others by example. I train myself daily, spiritually and physically, knowing it’s not just about bodies anymore; It’s about the whole person.

 It is my desire to touch the lives of as many people as possible so that they too may desire to be the best they can be, inside and out. Because of this passion to help others, I decided to start this website, along with ” Coach Wendys Fitness 4U”  facebook page.  I wanted to do more, reach more and ultimately impact more. This site is a work in progress. I have so many ideas and not enough skills to implement them all at once. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as I daily update this site. My next big move is to get exercise videos made and start posting them weekly. Most importantly, I want to be a part of your life as you decide to make the decision to get healthier and happier in the coming years. Scroll through the tabs above and learn more about me. I welcome you and hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Just do it. That was mine before Nike ever coined it!

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