Menopause Belly- Part 2


After posting the article I wrote last week, I have heard from others regarding what they are going through with menopause. Mostly, it is not good. I have had a few tell me its better once they get through it, I have heard from others that they didn’t notice any weird changes at all, besides an occasional hot flash. I have heard from the majority of women that it was the most terrible thing in their world. In other words like I said in the previous article about how we all go though it differently, I have heard and now confirmed that we all go through this differently. In my previous article I mentioned that I am not using any kind of hormones, and I must stress that for the purpose of conveying what I am here, this is a hormone free article. As an aside, there are those who have had female reproductive organs removed surgically, some women on and off birth control pills, those who are using bio identical hormones, those who use Doctor prescribed hormones and those who use herbs to settle the symptoms. This is not an article on any of that. I am NOT using anything, I do have all my parts. This article is being written for those who can relate.

One goal for me is to maintain outward physical health. I must attack it from this approach. Some of you may not care about a few extra pounds or may be going through menopause just fine. But this article is for those like me who seriously want to shed some extra menopause fat, and battle the symptoms that come along with it. Ultimately we are watching our body changing from womanhood to older woman hood!

First and foremost I will say this, if the extra weight is indeed caused by menopause, you did not have the extra weight prior to menopause, and you are sitting there bewildered wondering what’s happening to you before your eyes , then maybe you are like me and we can get through this together. Menopause is not something that I take lightly. It is real and it is crazy. But remember this- it is not an excuse and will not be an excuse for laziness. Would I love to sit in front of the television and just chill with some Ben& Jerrys and whatever else comfort food I have? Yes!! But the effects menopause will have on my body if I were to do that would be tremendous. It is scary.

So, without further ado, I will start to outline what I am doing.

First, I have re-opened “My Fitness Pal” app. I am serious about everything I do so I must start where I can be accountable. I have my calories set at 1550 per day. This is MY goal. Now the big question is do I register my exercise daily to add extra calories to my 1550 total each day? Well yes and no. I exercise each day, when I am extra hungry I add the exercise, when I am not hungry, I don’t. It works for me. Really it does. I believe in staggering your caloric intake anyway and this gives me a feeling that I am doing that and doing what my body needs to lose the weight. Second, I have eliminated sugar, once again, from my diet. Technically the thyroid, adrenals and cortisol go to low or high levels while going through menopause. I am not so sure it goes crazy due to the amount of sugar we put into our bodies or just our hormones changing. Whether that is the cause or not, eliminating sugar has worked for me to get all that in order in the past and resulted in major weight loss. It should work for anyone. If eliminating sugar seems to be a key for all of you who are serious about losing weight, then why is it so hard? If you say to me, “I can’t do that” And come up with several different excuses why you can’t, I can say this; “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always have gotten”… …

To sum it up, this is where my journey through menopause starts. Eliminating sugar, holding myself accountable to my caloric intake, and exercising to win. My exercise routine has become defined again and I am on a mission. You can choose to do things that increase your comfort levels, like eat junk and relax, or you can choose not to do those things. Don’t give into it; try to find other things to take your time up. Believe me, at times it is hard, extremely hard, but every time I succeed is a time I am so much happier in the long run. I take small steps, baby steps. All the things we know to do and have come to know so well. After all we are grown now and wiser, lets grab this bull by the horns and ride though it together.

Now, Tell me what steps you have taken to return to yourself?

Coach Wendy

Menopause Belly

I am a personal trainer and I take what I do very seriously. Although I charge for my services it is not my plan to ever sell you something you don’t need for the sake of getting wealthier. My clients are in need of me for whatever I offer each one of them, and I will always be up front with them. This is my up front rant for the day, week or month…

I am sick of hearing how all these male fitness professionals have the cure for the menopause belly! Really? I am sick of reading articles from guys, not only are they guys, they are young guys. My gosh, I didn’t ever think I would get a menopause belly when I was young. In fact when I was young I was in every bit of great shape I could ever be in. If you look at my unadulterated photos from when I hit 50, up until I was 52, I was lean, mean and had abs. Here I am a couple years later, nothing has changed except my age,  my hormones and guess what, now my body. Am I struggling to get lean again? You betcha, and the key word here is struggling. This is no joke. I do not take or use artificial hormones. Not yet anyway. It is scary stuff. I am watching my levels dwindle to nothing. But when you are female your hormones change each and every day. Even emotions can change them. And as we go through menopause, the hormone changes are unreal. What is one to do? Use bio identical hormones, which are supposedly safer than premarin or some nasty thing that can be filled at a pharmacy? With your hormones changing constantly how do you know the correct amount? Is there ever really a correct amount? Well I am finding out the hard way and to the day, I just don’t know. So if I have to endure another article selling a program to rid myself of this menopausal fat, I think I will puke. I would love to tell each one of these expert men that they have not a clue. They are clueless. So I imagine their response to me would be, “well just because you are struggling, why does that make us clueless?” My response, “Because you are not a women, you are not in my age group, you are not going through menopause and do not have a belly that is growing before your eyes.”

I am fitness professional. I work out and eat well. I live a lifestyle of ultimate health. I do not abuse my body in any way. But here I am perplexed at all the so called experts out there, all the while watching myself and my friends who are going through menopause enduring changes that may last a lifetime.

We must remember that we each are different, we all have different hormones and they change daily. So what is the key you ask? Exercise daily, eat healthy, get enough sleep and endure less stress. Don’t allow “stress eating” to get you, embrace the few extra pounds and the belly and go on with everyday life as is. Don’t freak out when you see young women with tight beautiful skin, no wrinkles and no fat!! This is the new life for you. Go into it gradually and continue to do your thing, but know there WILL be changes that ARE inevitable!! The body changes will come and there is nothing you can naturally do for that! No program, no diet, no pill, no anything. There is NO miracle cure. Your hormones are changing and getting weaker, and so are you. But this too will plateau like everything in life. Once you come out on the other side, now you will have a new body to work with. I am attempting to hold onto my youth as long as I can, but things have changed for me. I know it, I can’t do what I used to do, nor can you. Now if you choose to take hormones, artificial or bio identical then that is your decision and trust in the medical system. .

As for me I am drug free, God knew what HE was doing when he made me. I am sure I can live a long healthy life despite my extra fat cells and a lot less hormones feeding into my system. Each day that passes will tell. Yes this is a process, unlike anything I have experienced. But whatever you do please don’t buy into all that jargon that these young fitness professionals are trying to sell you. They are too young and if they know a woman who looks great during menopause I would venture to say she is using something. And it typically is altering her hormones in some way. And yes there are women with great awesome genetics, so those would be the exception to the rule, but if they are telling you it’s a breeze through menopause, and then just tell them their genetics are different from yours. I am sure we all go through this differently. But you can be sure that this trainer is going through it now and battling every step I can. I will let you know how I came out in the other side. And I will not be selling you any information on how to lose the menopause belly… Coach Wendy

Pre-Coaching Survey

If anyone is interested in becoming a client of mine for life coaching, please click on the pre-coaching survey above and use the questionnaire. By answering the questions and submitting them , I will be in contact with you via email. At that point, we would determine if there is something I can “coach” you through in your life and we will discuss the options for coaching.

Coach Wendy

Life Coach Certification

While updating my certifications recently, I felt the need to go deeper into my studies, learning more about helping others. After talking to my peers in the business and reflecting on my life- where I have been and what I have done. I realized the best path to take which would complement my current certifications was to become a Life Coach. This was no easy task, a lot of time and money. Impacted further by my deep desire to assist others with issues they may face on a daily basis while achieving a goal. While on a “studying” roll, I also decided to specialize in Time management. Something I have a knack for without even studying about it. So it is with great pleasure and excitement that I venture into a new realm of open door opportunity with a Life Coach Certification.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Time Management Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

What is a Life Coach? Life Coaching may be defined as a practice that involves assisting people to identify and realize their goals, dreams and aspirations by making them more self-aware and by developing their hidden and manifest talents and potential. The profession has diversified into a very large number of specialties, the most common ones being Personal Development Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching and Relationship Coaching. The most crucial difference between Life Coaching and other ”therapy type” fields is that unlike the other practitioners, a life coach does not position him/herself as superior to the client, but as a partner and a confidante. I will be posting a full questionnaire on this website. I believe with my expertise that my niche may become Health and Wellness Coaching. This will be different than personal training in that my clients will not necessarily be in my area, so phone calls, emails and texts will be the form of communication. I will not lay out a workout plan or nutrition plan, which is not Life Coaching.

In a nutshell, I will be there to assist you in establishing your goal(s), and following through to meet your goal(s). There will be more posted as I add the changes to this website that will help others in understanding the Life Coach process and how I will coach you, if you choose.

Meantime, I will continue learning and start “coaching “someone soon!

Coach Wendy

What about Type II Diabetes?

There is so much talk lately about being overweight and eating properly that it can be overwhelming to listen to it. Now that I work in a hospital setting I hear more and more about Type II diabetes, or as most people call it these days, diabetes. It seems in the health and medical industry most people don’t understand that type II diabetes (adult onset) is reversible through the right diet and lifestyle choices. It is not the same as type I Diabetes!

In fact, the pharmaceutical industry and even some doctors will tell you that type II Diabetes can’t be reversed…the damage to the pancreas is “already done”, and you’re doomed to using harmful drugs for the rest of your life. It seems there has been a melding of type I diabetes with type II diabetes. Sometimes I wonder when it happened, because I missed it!

It BURNS me up every time I hear a type II diabetic tell me that their doctor told them there was nothing they could do to reverse their “diabetes”.  According to most doctors who are brainwashed by the typical western medicine mindset, you can only “manage” type II diabetes, not cure it. And you must use dangerous pills to do so. Example: I was watching television and an ad for Victoza came on, about 10 seconds of what good it does and literally 45 seconds (or more) of the side effects. Really? This is just ONE of many examples.

Well, coming from a certified personal trainer, on behalf of my physician friends who do believe, we can not only manage it but REVERSE it with the proper (and I mean proper) eating habits and exercise resulting in weight loss. The years I have trained, I have seen it reversed with my own eyes. Some people lose the extra weight  and there it goes. If it’s not a weight issue, then it’s what you are ingesting, clear and simple. I am the perfect example of a person who has healthy weight and gets lots of exercise. I found out through blood work I was on my way to type II diabetes, but the thought scared me to death. I stopped eating sugar, (notice the ‘Articles’ tab on my website all the sugar blogs) and then within a few months, I was better. I trained Ron Preacher, a man who was not only overweight, but dying of heart disease and type II diabetes. He went off sugar, lost 160 lbs and was “cured” of the diabetes (and heart attack) threat. Amazing. How do you explain that almost every type 2 diabetic that goes onto the popular TV show The Biggest Loser ends up completely reversing their diabetes usually in about 6 weeks?  If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ve even seen the doctors on the show explain to the contestant that they no longer have diabetes anymore.  And they did it all through diet and exercise. Wow, that tells me something.

Obviously we can’t all go on that show and dedicate that time to workouts. We can reverse type II diabetes, and without the grueling 4-6 hrs of exercise every day that they do on that TV show.  In fact, did you know that there is research showing that pancreatic beta cells that were damaged previously can be regenerated?  It’s true.

All it takes is a sensible eating plan aka lifestyle, (not the one the Dr. would suggest which uses popular artificial sweeteners to replace the sugar!) and daily exercise to lose the extra weight. Remember, if you are 100lbs or more over weight, it may take a year to lose it all, but if you have the diet correct and you exercise daily, you can do it. Many people will reverse it, and live healthy for a while, then gain back all that weight, or go crazy eating sugar, and it comes back. Hopefully, not you. Lastly it takes strong will and determination, something you must have for a lifetime! Like I say in my Motivation video, ”every single day of my life”. Living a new healthy life, you will live WITHOUT being doomed to testing your blood sugar every day, and risking neuropathy or amputations. That’s what type I and now type II diabetes can lead to. Crazy isn’t it?

Here’s to you and a healthy life!

Coach Wendy

Avoid physical pain at all costs!

Physical pain is a terrible thing to have to experience. I would not wish physical pain on anyone. I am writing my blog from a prone position. A position I am typically in during sleep. Except now…..

If you know me well, you might know I have scoliosis, a rotation in my spine resulting in a short leg and 2 bulging discs. If you didn’t know that about me, you probably would not know it from looking at me and watching my workout videos. You see, I try my hardest to keep that knowledge where it belongs, to me. After all, what good does it do to wear it like a crown for all to see? Anyway, I could start another blog on that subject, but this one is about pain, physical pain, and what we could do to lessen the bouts.

Today I want to ask you, “What do you do to prevent reoccurring personal physical pain or injury?” I do all I can to avoid anything that could cause my back to spasm. Mostly I have found over the years the fastest way to aggravate my particular issue is performing anything unilaterally. That would be one arm or one leg anything, especially with one weight on one side of my body. The trick is to know what to do when, and what my limitations are. After a few months pain free, I have a limitless mind, so to speak. After all if I don’t try something how would I ever know if I can do it? So there comes the tricky situation of trying things, finding out that they don’t bother me for several years, then doing them again on a particular day and BAM! It sends me into severe back spasms which send me home and ultimately lying in this position writing this blog.

That’s what I was doing Friday. I used a workout I had done several times before in the past. I was following it to the letter then while performing a movement I do very often, it grabbed me. By the 3rd rep I was faking it, by 5th I was done. I tried to do some planks, foam rolling, stretching, all the tricks I know how to do to alleviate the issue but it kept getting tighter and tighter till eventually I was headed home. So here I lay, my limitless mind limited now by all one can do during this crazy painful time in my life.

Is there something you face on a routine basis? Is there something you can do to prevent the “down times”? I think back to all my friends who have had a back issue in the past, when we spoke I relay how much I felt their pain. Now it’s my turn. A lot of ice, moist heat, ibuprofen, bio- freeze, rolling around and lastly getting up to walk around the house so I don’t get stiff. So what do I do with this pain? I deal with it and know it is a part of me, None the less I do all I can year around to prevent it. I eat healthy, keep my weight down, my core strong and stay active. Do you do these things? My point is- all we can do is the best we can to prevent issues from manifesting themselves in our lives. With all I do to prevent the pain, it does come from time to time, I must deal with it the best I can. Preventative being the only way I can somewhat control it. Otherwise I have lost control to “it”. Whatever it is you face in your life on a regular basis, I hope that you find good healthy habits you can form in your life to be in control of it the best you can. Otherwise you will be a victim of the issue, always and seeming forever. That is not good. So control yourself and stay healthy, the best you can. Don’t rely on Doctors to give you the best medicine to hide the symptoms. They can help you figure out the root, which is the best you can do. Stay healthy or get healthy. Stay active or get active. After all we are ALL getting older! You will face those times but they will be few and far between and will not last as long as they would otherwise.

Let me know how you are doing with this task, for the rest of your life! Coach Wendy

Summer is here!!!

Well, for those of us who live in Florida, yes, summer is here. Others not so fast. You still have a few more weeks to get in shape before you bare the bod and get in that bikini or swimwear this summer. For me, not so good. Lots of changes in my life, and I am wondering how many have gone through the same. I am thinking it is called “Menopause”??/ My gosh what has happened to me??? I know my diet has not been perfect, but should it need to be? I know my workouts have been crazy, but not as intense. I also know the changes in my body are weird. Like out of a bad movie. I am really showing my age. That is hard on a female. Especially one who does what I do for a living.  I know that I need to “buckle down” and dial in my eating and workouts again and it may take some time to see abs again, but….. we’ll see. One day I will have to get used to and feel comfortable in my new body. whatever that may bring. For now I am going to continue to be brutally honest and say, I am not ready to do anything less that try my hardest to look good and feel good. To me that means different things than it does to each of you. but we all should have our limits. I know I do. I have reached the bad limits and now must get back to the good limits. Its summer after all. Anyone with me?

Coach Wendy

Testing the Forum

I am attempting to start a question/answer forum on this site. Please take a look on the left side of the home page and you will see the “FORUMS” added. Underneath it “Ask Coach Wendy”.  Click on it and ask me a question regarding diet. I will test this for a couple weeks and if it works well, I will use it and change the topic regularly. thanks for your questions. Coach Wendy

Getting in Shape VS. Staying in Shape


As a fitness professional, I am asked questions about diet, exercise, weight training, cardio vs. weights, and mostly, “What do I need to do to lose a few pounds?” My answer is usually simple, “Start by cutting calories (My Fitness Pal is a great tool) and get some exercise”. If the person asking signs up to train with me, they get more than that, but my simple answer is to those who just ask.

This is the interesting part, never am I asked the question, “How do I stay in shape once I am in shape?” That is the hardest thing to answer. That is what keeps fitness professionals in business; that is what seems to elude us all.

With all of the 12 week programs- get in shape and win a million dollars, it’s all about who looks the best in the end. The winner is the best at 12 weeks, but check up on them in 2 years…. One of my peers even made a program that didn’t focus on how you looked as much as how well you did, the trials and issues of life you went through yet managed to get in shape. In the end I believe it became more of a “how you look in the end” contest. But anyway, the point is there are countless articles and contests and “so called research” on getting in shape. The right way, wrong way, controversial way and any way in between. There are so many different ways to get in shape, and as someone who has seen so much in the fitness industry the past 30+ years, I have come to the conclusion that getting in shape is the easy part.  It is staying in shape that is hard. Real hard, and there is no magic potion that keeps you there once you are there. You can change your mind, your outlook on life, and say you have changed your life. You can change your habits , you can stay in shape longer than all your friends, but some day, one day, usually sooner than later, you will get back out of shape. Again and again, over and over throughout your life.

Staying in shape is hard work. Life gets in the way; there are days and times I could just give up. There are times when my mind attempts to play tricks on me, I hear things resounding in my head like, “you’re a woman not a man, you’re going through menopause. You’re fighting an uphill battle, bad genes, you are getting older, there is no time, boy could I use some time off to relax”….

Whatever you can come up with, it’s all excuses. What we think are reasons are typically excuses wrapped up and disguised as ultimately untruth’s or lies..

I have been working very hard to get a town house ready to move into. I actually have been working my tail off. Do I have time to exercise, eat right and make my food for the week?  No, the answer is no, but because I train people for a living, I have to stay in somewhat good shape. Ultimately I force myself daily, whether I like it or not, to workout- even for 20 minutes each day, sometimes even just going through the motions, it is something. The only tool I use right now is the scale. I weigh every single morning ( I never do that otherwise) if I find my weight is 3 lbs. higher than normal, I tighten the diet or be sure to work out with more enthusiasm the next few days. or if I stay on target I keep doing what I am doing. I feel less healthy than usual now but I remain the same size. Amazing but true.

Staying in shape is hard work.  Its hard for me, and its hard for you. It is hard no matter what. it is a constant fight, struggle, work, dedication, each and every day it is a decision.  And no fun while there are stresses and work to do and more stress piling up daily around me. But guess what? I do it, ultimately I do it. I stay in shape and lately I add “for now” because really I would love to just let go for a while, and rest! But I do not think that will ever happen.

So while I am living this hard lifestyle, when you ask me next time what to do to get in shape, I may come back and ask, “What will you do to stay in shape- forever- after the easy part has ended”?

What will you do?

Coach Wendy



My views on Food/Diet in Asia

I have just returned to the United States from a vacation in Hong Kong. This blog is about one thing that stood out to me immediately and continuously every day I was there. I was in awe about most things I saw and experienced, but daily my nutrition and fitness centered mind could not get over this one thing-

That is- the size of Asians.

It’s hard not to notice that most people there are incredibly skinny, especially in comparison to the average American. The difference in body types was ground deeper when  shopping for clothing. I found myself having to try on clothes in a size larger, instead of my usual size.  Then of course while walking around in my 2 piece training swim suit at the fitness center pool, I can’t help but compare myself to others and feel overweight.

During my visit I asked questions and also researched the web. But mostly I was a part of this culture that is smaller and healthier than Americans. I came to these conclusions based on findings and experience.  Much of what accounts for why Asians are generally more slender and healthier than Americans — who are currently dealing with widespread obesity and the diseases associated with it — lies in the differences in diet. By comparing the eating habits in the U.S and East Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan), we can understand why and how the typical Asian diet can translate into a healthier lifestyle.

Looking at the general types of foods consumed on a regular day in East Asia vs. USA:

Asian Breakfast:  White rice, fermented vegetables (kimchi), seaweed, eggs, Chinese vegetables, soymilk, hot tea

USA Breakfast: Cereal with milk, eggs, cheese, bagel with butter or cream cheese, toast, jelly, pancakes, waffles, syrup, sausage, pastries, donuts, coffee, juice

Asian Lunch: White rice, Chinese vegetables, meat (very different than USA meat), a variation of noodles (rice, yam or mung bean), sushi or sashimi, water or hot tea

USA Lunch: Sandwiches with lunchmeats (turkey, ham, roast beef, etc.),pizza,  salads with meats, cheese, dressings, pasta, coke, sweet iced tea

Asian Dinner: White rice, fish, tofu, soup, pork/duck or chicken, Chinese vegetables, hot tea

USA Dinner: Pasta, pot roast, fried or baked chicken,  pork chops, steak, burgers, hot dogs, BBQ,  peas, corn, broccoli, potatoes, bread, coke, beer

Asian Dessert: Fresh fruit, dried fruit, rice crackers, green tea ice cream, milk tea

USA Dessert:   Chips, cookies, cake, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pie or pastries, candy bars


From the notes above, we see that the main ingredient in the Asian diet seems to be white rice. According to the web, rice provides 25% to 80% of the calories in the daily diet of 2.7 billion Asians. It’s typically eaten with every meal, in the form of steamed, sticky rice. As author Jason Bussell of “The Asian Diet: Simple Secrets for Eating Right, Losing Weight, and Being Well” explains , “White rice is the most hypo-allergenic, easily-assimilated and energetically neutral of the grains. Since it’s so easy to digest, rice can be eaten frequently throughout the day. On the other hand, the main ingredient for Americans is bread, which in large amounts causes carb-overload and unnecessary weight gain”.


Besides food products, a major contribution to the healthy diet of Asians comes from their frequent consumption of tea, particularly green, oolong or black .They have hot tea throughout the day. Its health benefits have long been lauded, as it contains antioxidants that help to prevent diseases. In the U.S., on the other hand, coffee, soda (diet soda) and very sweet iced tea whose health benefits are often questionable, remains the preferred source of caffeine.

Have you ever been in to a restaurant with no bathrooms, no napkins, and chop sticks for utensils? Not in this Country. How do they do it? Maybe gluttony is an American tradition. I noticed that while Americans usually eat from separate dishes and each person gets their own food( especially when dining out),   Asians are accustomed to family-style dishes, where there is typically one small dish of each food group on the table for everyone to share. Instead of having to finish one’s plate, Asians are more concerned with consuming bite size portions of various types of dishes, which consist mostly of vegetables.  I experienced this every evening, and never consumed more than my usual healthy amount of calories per meal, leaving the table well satisfied, not wanting more.

Overall, Asians mostly consume foods that are lower in carbohydrates, sugars and Tran’s fats. Sweets and processed foods are rarely ever eaten in Asia. Did you get that? Processed foods. The biggest issue  I have had with food over the years is almost nonexistent over there.

With high mortality rates and lower cases of heart diseases among Asians (particularly the Japanese), it’s no secret that the traditional Asian diet has numerous benefits both physically by helping maintain a healthy weight and internally. Just as a reference point, I searched the web and found that the obesity rate in Japan for instance is 3.9%, in the USA it is 33.2%! WOW!

Though it’s easy to eat as Americans do, given we live in the states, around tons of tempting foods, I have had no desire to indulge since I have been home. I am in a weird place right now regarding food. I have been to a local Asian market and purchased several Asian veggies and have been consuming them daily. I still cannot eat meat and sweets like before. I lost weight while I was there actually, and am maintaining with no problems or desires to eat more or differently. I will adhere to the “Asian” way of eating for as long as I desire to.

Maybe you should give it a try, since it seems to be working out quite well for a few billion people halfway across the world! Maybe we have to create our own world inside the land of the free and decide, what’s more important?  Living a life around foods that ultimately destroy us, or living life eating foods that will help us look and feel better?  We decide.

Happy Eating,

Coach Wendy

Commitment to Health

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