Young Athletes and Steriods

From time to time throughout my life I find myself in a conversation with some high school athletes seeking information on performance enhancing drugs (better known as anabolic steroids) What is my take on using them “to have a better chance of being an all-star and drafted to the pros?”


I felt compelled to write this as many of you might have the same contemplation- just not seeking my advice.  So I figured I’d say it here…Don’t do it!


I’m not totally sure why, but the thought of young men using breaks my heart.


 At this time in your athletic career you are going through all kinds of natural “reactions” in your body that aid in the growth and development of your body. I have repeatedly used the term “wasted talent” when you don’t take advantage of this phase in your life.


You hit puberty, you get a little hair on your chin, your voice begins to deepen, and you become aware of things you never thought important before. If you hit the weights and eat right- you will grow like there’s no tomorrow.


You literally are at an all-time high of testosterone production naturally in your body!


Yes, the same kind most older men are looking for to pump into their body to get that 18 year old feeling again.


So why would you want to add this synthetically into your body and risk losing what you already have flowing through you?


I can only think of ….


1.  You are too lazy to put in the work and reap the natural benefits.

2.  You feel pressured to perform “right now”

3.  But this goes back to- you’re too lazy to train hard and get the results you desire.


Trust me I understand the amplifications steroids adds to your game, but is it worth the risk when I’m saying you can have awesome results without?


It may take longer- like a year instead of 6 months- but hard work and dedication is needed because you will develop mad skills while working hard, and way more overall strength than the guys using. You see, your strength will last. The guys pumping the juice will get sore joints and usually blow out their knees and shoulders easier than you would….not to mention all the other side effects and heart attacks waiting to happen.  They can eat junk food and just get bigger and stronger but you should fuel your body like the machine it is made to be and over all you will outperform all the silly drug heads.

I don’t care about what you say- me being a girl and all- I know my stuff. I have been around and seen it time and time again. I hate steroids, in young men and in females. Period. Leave the roids for the older guys who have fully reached their potential and want to get bigger (for whatever reason) and know the implications of destroying their life.

Don’t do it when you are young. You just don’t need to.

Coach Wendy

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