Sugar via Wheat

Wendy Russo-  ceritified personal trainer and nutrition coach


I have always been in pretty good shape most of my life right into my 40’s.

I’ve always eaten a pretty healthy diet with a lot of wild game meats, wild caught fish , and lots of home grown produce . But in addition to those super healthy foods, I also had a lifelong addiction to cereals, breads, pasta, and ice cream, ie: sugar!

Just before I turned 49, I decided to go to a Dr and get a real good thorough physical. I had all the blood work known to man and tests that most don’t even consider. I choose aa M.D. that practiced holistic methods as well.

To make a long story short, my tests came back terrible. Insulin sensitive, on my way to type 2 diabetes, low DHEA and high cortisol, I was a mess inside chemically. I was surprised, after all I eat healthier than 90% of the population I exercise daily and harder than 90% of the population, but these tests are proof that I eat far too many grain-based foods with my daily bowls of cereal , the bread during lunch, the pasta and pizza I have several times a week at dinner… oh, and all that sugar from the ice cream and cookies.  The Dr said plainly, “ if you reduce the grains and sugars, you’ll have no problem getting your blood back to normal”
It took me about 5 minutes to change my mind about my eating habits. I went home, cleaned out my cabinets and read the book “Wheat Belly”, which talks not only about the effects of wheat in your body on blood sugar and body fat, but also the numerous health effects of eating too much wheat. It was some of those health effects of eating too much wheat, that got me to go wheat free as well. Plus most wheat has sugar in it anyways, so I just ditched everything with sugar and wheat was incluided.

I went from eating cereal 7 mornings a week, bread & pasta several days a week, and sweets whenever I wanted- to nothing. I went cold turkey and ate proteins, all veggies and healthy fats.

A few months later, I was losing weight I never thought I needed to lose, I was leaner than ever- and not “dieting” in my mind. I had the energy to exercise instead of exercising tired all the time. I felt better every day- when I really didnt know I felt bad before! I even noticed the afternoon naps were a thing of the past- not only did I not need them anymore- I couldnt take one if I tried!  My life had changed, and before I even noticed it, not only was I staying away from sugar and grains- I had absolutely no desire for them! This was nothing short of a miracle in my life. I went from the pasta and pizza eating kid with the best desserts in the world always being a part of my life- to nothing. And I felt great! And lastly- the strangest thing that I really didnt try to do , but it is the one thing everyone notices- is my Abs popped out! I had my 6 pack back that I always had in my early years.  which meant the abdominal fat- GONE!”

Had I not done this myself I would have never believed it. But I did it. I worked hard at it. This last year I reintroduced all kinds of grains and sugars back into my diet- starting with Thanksgiving and leading right through the new year. This month- February 2013, I am leading a group of people who choose to do it with me, to give it up all over again. For 28 days you can log into my website each day to see what I am eating,. what exercises I am doing and how I am feeling. I am leading the greatest sugar detox ever! No pills, potions or miracle drugs. Just using the rights foods to do what we were built to do- eat well to nourish our bodies. Please follow me as I take this journey. register on this site to comment and ask questions. follow me on face book and enjoy. this will be the best month ever!


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