Workout Video #4

I made this video in 2 parts simply because it was too long in one video. The time of the workout is still the same, but we ran a lot of exercises in slow motion and because this a partner workout, I was able to show a harder version and easier version of some of the  exercises.

Click on Exercises Set One- to view Video #1.

Jump Squats and/or Tuck Jumps- 45 seconds ( I added Burpees too! )

Stability Ball Chest Press – 12 reps

Inverted Rows- feet on stability ball or on floor (either grip)

Reverse Lunge (alternating legs) with Lateral Raises- 20 raises

Spider Planks with feet on Stability Ball (add push-ups if u can!) as many as possible

Planks with feet on Stability ball- 60 seconds

Rest for about 2 minutes then repeat set one

Click on Exercises Set Two to view Video #2.

One Leg jumps- 8 each leg-

Side to Side jumps- 8 to each side

Push- ups with medicine ball pass- 10 push-ups

Get Ups- 5 with db in right hand, 5 with db in left hand

Pull up position hand switch, or grip switch – as many as possible

Rotating Squat Jumps with dumbbell curls and press- 60 seconds

Plank with arms on Stability Ball – 60 seconds

Go through these exercises or a modified version in the order they are presented. Once you complete a set, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat. We did 4 sets total. I use the heaviest weight I can use while performing each move.

Any Questions?

Enjoy! Coach Wendy

2 thoughts on “Workout Video #4”

  1. These workout videos that Wendy creates are from workouts she does all the time and they are killer for a full body workout. I had fun doing the video with her want to make another real soon. I might even show her a few workouts myself and push her like she did to me! 🙂 Great person to workout with and know!

    1. Thank you Joey, and we will talk about that “push her like she did me” part! real soon! I look forward to the next one! :0

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