Week Four

Today is Saturday March 30th. One more day in March-  Sunday the 31st- Easter Sunday! Wheat Free March is officially over tonight.  Tommorow I will eat whatever is set at the table. I don’t plan to eat wheat, I dont think there will be pizza, but I bet the cake and cookies will have wheat in them- and sugar. What I am saying is it will be a day of eating whatever I desire at the time. Then Monday back to buisness.

I have some things planned for April-  going to the physique contest with Ricky next weekend, filming a new video with a special guest the following weekend and having one more photo shoot the weekend after that. because of all these things- my diet will be clean all month.

So Back to March- How did you do with no wheat? I did great! I actually had to have a sandwich today and tried gluten free bread (my friend had it)…. It was pretty good. For as few sandwiches as I eat- I will buy a loaf and keep in the freezer.

I did not get bloated all month from foods. No wheat, not much sugar. I am feeling pretty clean and healthy. I am spreading the word about wheat and its harmful effects on the body. I do not reccommend the book “Wheat Belly “for everyone to read. It is quite detailed and technical, but the point is- DONT EAT WHEAT! If you follow that advise you will be amazed at your results. losing weight, fat and mostly feeling very very good. I am working with a young lady now on a wheat free project. She started Friday. she has lots to overcome. we will look at her success if she continues to keep up. That will be in May. For now lets get through the last day of March and  get April started the right way.

What will you be doing for your eating habits in April?

Coach Wendy

2 thoughts on “Week Four”

  1. Hey Wendy,

    Great work! I have been gluten free for two years now after suffering with stomach issues for years. I was certain that I had cancer. The tests my MD put me through were all inconclusive. I was lucky to meet someone who had a similar issue and opted to go gluten free. I struggled at first but quickly adapted to the new plan. The best part is that it helps you eat pretty clean year round. Your videos are all great!! Keep it up.


    1. Thanks for sharing your story Jay. I assume you read the book “Wheat Belly”? The Dr. tells about case after case that was similar to yours. It is amazing to me how simple eliminating wheat was. Thank God I am not celiac, because I can enjoy wheat every now and then if necessary. Thanks for your support and encouragement on my videos!

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