Workout Video #3

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Workout instructions-

6-9 minute warm up


Side to side bench jumps- 60 seconds

Three position explosive push ups- using the bench – 30 seconds

Front to back bench jumps- 60 seconds

Push- ups with feet on the bench- 30 seconds

Squat with double press- 10 squats (20 presses)

Reverse lunges with dumblell curls at the bottom- 12  curls

Renegade rows with one dumblell- switch – 10 push ups

BOSU mountian climblers with 3 stpes and pause- 60 seconds

Plank – 60 seconds

Go though these exercises or a modified version in the order they are presented without resting. Once you are done, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat. I do 4 sets. I use the heaviest weight I can use while performing each move.


Enjoy! Coach Wendy

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