Week Three

Today is Friday March 22nd. It is the end of week 3 of wheat free March. I must say, I ate wheat this week. I made a conscious decision to do so. For the last 7 days, I was preparing for a photo shoot yesterday. This was my first ever photo shoot with a real camera and a real photographer. I had to put on my “bodybuilding diet” for the week and that meant nothing but chicken, fish and veggies- with very limited water the last 2 days. The day of the shoot I limited  food and water all day- by design.

But let me tell you-  6PM, photos done, the first and only thing I wanted to do was eat. We went out a to a fish place and I ate fish on a bun. that was my wheat, the bun. I needed carbs, and instead of rice and fish, I ate fish on a bun. I made the decision to do it, and I did it. I cheated. It was a great piece of fish- but the bun did nothing for me except give me a way to pick it up and help hold the lettuce and tomatos on it.  Would I rather have had a nice baked potato? yes but the fish came on a the bun and that was how I ate it. Done, eaten and confessed. Today back to wheat free. I really do not miss it- but going without it brings a whole new meaning to deli sandwiches, subs and fish on buns. I know at home I can use wheat free bread- put publicly?

Hopefully they will catch on soon!

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