Workout Video # 2

abs March 2013I worked hard to shoot video #2. I wanted it to be better than the first- and I had worked so hard on getting it right.

Out of the 6 exercises we only had to re-shoot one because of background issues.  At the end of the shoot, Eric ( my video guy) snapped a still of my abs. I was feeling “fat” that day-( ladies you know what I am saying), but I don’t want to hide anything; besides I just finished an entire workout on film in my sprots bra and shorts.

Sooooo, late last night I got a frantic call, text ,and email (all 3) from Eric . He was having some issues with systems, programs uploads, downloads and everything in between. During it all, he had not saved the video shoot and before he got it downloaded on his computer- “poof”! Into the big lost documents in the sky. I know nothing about computers and stuff, thats why I have someone to make these videos for me, but after several hours of him convincing me it was NOT  a joke, he was serious, and yes the video was gone, I realized I needed to get to bed.

Long and short is we planned to shoot it again, but within 48 hours Eric called me cback and had found all the info. One exericse was gone though, The plank. I told him to go ahead and make it without the PLank, but I will write it below as the workout is meant to be done. I have added the link to my you tube channel on the home page of this website under Coach Wendys Web Links. Just click on “Coach Wendys you tube Videos” and it will get you there. The video is posted and you can view it via mobile devices as well!!

Workout instructions-

6-9 minute warm up


Squat on BOSU with an overhead press- 12 reps

Alternating chest press on stability ball – 60 seconds

Reverse Lunges with and overhead hold- 60 seconds

One leg dumbell rows- 10 reps each arm

Burpie clean & press- 6-8 reps

Reverse grip pull- ups- 10

Plank (not shown)- 60 seconds

Go though these exercises or a modified version in the order they are presented without resting. Once you are done, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat. I do 4 sets. I use the heaviest weight I can use while performing each move.


Enjoy! Coach Wendy















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