Summing up my journey

This was from years ago- I copied the first sentence from a motivational speech- then I wrote the rest pertaining to me. Everytime I read it, it is relevent to my life right now.


“Sometimes I do more than I can handle; sometimes I lift the bar more than my body can bear; sometimes I take a lead ahead of others , and sometimes I push beyond the limit, hurt myself, and fall behind”…

But you know what – this is me. This is who I am. This is how I live. Today’s struggle will not stop me from living tomorrow.

I lead and follow, I push forward, I accept and pay any and all prices. No looking back, no regrets.  This seems to be my calling in life – to charge forward and challenge myself. At the end of the day, the ultimate approval comes from within me, because most times, no one even noticed.

This is my way — moving forward — with passion, determination, and a never ending faith in Christ.  He created me for greatness.. Any physical or emotional pain will be forgotten as soon as I grasp it.  Nothing but death can defeat my purpose on this earth, because my journey will and must be completed. This is an unshakable promise to myself!

Marching forward – fear or no fear, pain or no pain.  I live on this earth only once, so I will give it my all…This is what I do.

This is my journey……

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