What is Canola Oil?

As written by: Joel Marion

Copied and posted by: Wendy Russo


Canola Oil. Sounds healthy, doesn’t it?

Canola oil is a triumph of marketing over facts. It’s actually rapeseed
oil (from the rapeseed plant), but was renamed for obvious reasons.

Rapeseed oil is pretty disgusting stuff. In its natural state, it’s an ugly
greenish color. It also has a high concentration of erucic acid, which
may cause heart damage.

To turn it into something marketable, manufacturers remove the
erucic acid. Bleach it. Deodorize it. And degum the oil with various
chemicals, including hexane, a chemical solvent.

“The canola oil found on supermarket shelves has been refined, heated,
and damaged beyond repair”, writes Fred Pescatore, MD, former medical
director of the Atkins Center, and author of “The Hamptons Diet”.

Because it does contain some omega-3s, it shouldn’t be heated to high
heat (but frequently is). And the processing and refining of canola oil leads
to the creation of extremely unhealthy trans-fats. Trans fats can be
metabolically damaging in multiple ways.

Trans-fats increase the risk for heart disease, depression and other
mental disorders, weight gain and embarrassing belly fat as well as
lower DHA levels in the brain.

Dump this oil, and do it fast; otherwise, you may accidentally trigger
your body’s “obesity response”, causing layers upon layers of stubborn
fat to overtake your body.

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