Week Two

Today is Friday March 15th. It has been two weeks of “Wheat Free” March. It has been going great. I have found that I am doing  well without wheat in my diet. I have some plain rice cakes in the cabinet for that “bread” type of craving thing and also bought some rice wraps, that are gluten free and have only a few ingredients in them. No sugar! So the day I needed a sandwich- there I was eating a rice wrap. I have been making the pumpkin & sweet potatoe pancakes every morning that I feel I need a carb- typically on a heavy workout day. So far so good and NO cravings. I am dieting strictly starting today fro a phot shoot Thursday. It is very important to be lean and not bloated for the camera. It takes the science of eating properly to do so. I will have no cheat meals or days until Thursday- so that means a clean weekend.

I have not been getting any questions regarding being wheat free. I guess everyone is doing alright. I expect some people to be feeling real healthy these days. I know I am! 🙂



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Commitment to Health

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