Week One

Wheat Free March – one week down.

It has been easy for me- although tempting- more so than sugar free February. Well maybe not so easy. I find myself tempted to try  “gluten free” products!! Not so bad if they were not heavily processed and didn’t have sugar in them!

I almost bought gluten free pancake mix at the store today. I picked up the box and read  the ingredients, standing there for a very long time, I decide not only did they have too much sodium in them, what I was really tempted by was the picture on the box of pancakes with SYRUP poured all over the top of them!!!At that point I realized this was a trick( by my mind) to get me to eat sugar, so I put the box down , picked out some nice large sweet potatoes and am boiling them now so I can make those pancakes – the sweet potato pancakes. I cant wait till tomorrow morning!!!

My meals have looked a lot like sugar free February this week, except I am eating rice cakes. I know- cheap carb, but one is all I need and yes they are PLAIN. I did not eat Pizza last weekend. never got that far, but I indulged in cheesecake.

My plan is to eat gluten free all month – even on my “free day” Sunday.

Sunday I will be going to Gainesville for the opening party for “How Do You Roll” Sushi place. It was on the show “Shark Tank” 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine owns it, so I am lucky enough to be on the VIP list. I plan to eat lots of sushi- with rice. No gluten!

Enjoy your weekend and week ahead. any questions please ask. See you next week!


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