Workout video #1

You will never be able to develop the ABS and CORE you want without incorporating full body movements into your workout.IMG_3916

This video and the ones that will follow are a series of full body movements designed to help give you the ABS and CORE you’ve always wanted! Keep in mind the proper nutrition is a must.


*** you will not be able to view this video on your mobile device – computers only.  I made another version called a (remix) that uses the same song with no restrictions.  once you get to my channel you can view that video through your cell phone.  I will use You tube authorized songs from now on, so you will be able to download my videos to your phone and take the workouts wherever you go!

Workout details- Warm up for 6-9 minutes.

List of exercises:

Jump squats with a medicine ball- 45 seconds

Alternating push- ups- 10-15 pushups

Modified burpees with a push- up. (I modify them different ways)- 10 reps

Jump lunges- 45 seconds

Renegade rows – dont count pulls- just push ups- 10-12 reps

Pull ups-  10 reps

Plank with toes on a stability ball- 1  minute

Go though these exercises or a modified version in the order they are presented without resting. Once you are done, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat. I do 4 sets. I am spent at the end!

Any Questions?

Enjoy! Coach Wendy



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