Sweet potatoe or pumpkin pancakes

I will be eating these tommorow, so I wanted to post it. This is a completely healthy food that has good carbs in it and no grains or anything weird. Ready?

I use sweet poataoes when I have them cooked, canned pumpkin when I dont have potatoes. I mix a little of each when I have them both:)

1/2 cup of  mashed cooked sweet potatoes,  or pumpkin, or 1/4  cup of each

1/4 cup egg whites

cinnamon and or pumpkin pie spices

Chopped walnuts, almonds, or no nuts at all

you can add a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese or not. just depends on what you like. you can also add a few drops of stevia.

Beat this all real good in a bowl.  pour it in a pan just like a pancake and cook on both sides.


For those of you who like a little honey- dribble some on it- but now its not sugar free. Also if you are real crazy- maybe some banana would taste good on top but I don’t know- If you try it with fruit, let me know. I usually just eat it plain with a couple eggs on the side.


3 thoughts on “Sweet potatoe or pumpkin pancakes”

  1. instead of cottage cheese you can add a 1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder. I have done that to add more protein.

    1. Thanks Mark, and although I am not much of a recipe follower, I know there is a need for it! Thanks! Coach Wendy

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