Wheat Free March

This month I am celebrating “Wheat Free March” I like the idea of celebrating.. I will start Monday morning. I have some things to catch up on this weekend after sugar free Feb. Mostly PIZZA!!

Now unlike some people, I am NOT going to add “gluten free” products to my list of things to eat. Most gluten free products have suagr in them and I still dont crave sugar and dont want to unnecessarily add it to my diet again. Believe me, I have done that before and it just sneeks in until before you know it , you are eating sugar every day and not even realizing it. So I will be always careful about reading ingredients lists.   I am going all out and my list will be very strict and what I am eating. I am not telling aynone to do what I do, just use me as an example and as always ask me questions and I will find answers. Hre is my list of what I plan to eat this month. If I add any product I will note it weekly.

Grocery List for Wheat Free March

Keep in mind, Whatever you don’t like- don’t get it. This was my list , but I added some things as “others” that I have at my house always and you may or may not have.  There are more to choose from but this is basically what I always have in my house, and this is what I will eat this month.   These are ALL authorized foods .

Proteins–  White or dark meat free range chicken, any wild caught fish or wild game meats, cans of Tuna, Salmon and sardines in water,  nitrate free lunchmeats, Whole Organic eggs, large carton of egg whites, lowfat organic cottage cheese, PLAIN Greek yogurt, Lean grass fed beef.

Veggies- Bell peppers (green ,red, orange and yellow), sliced mushrooms, Acorn squash, Lettuce (all kinds), baby carrots, celery,  1  head of Broccoli, 1 head of cauliflower, frozen spinach, Fresh Parsley, bag of Kale greens, rutabaga ( my new favorite). asparagas,  NO CORN!

Healthy Fats-  Raw nuts (in the baking section of the store) walnuts, almonds & pecans, Coconut oil, olive oil. Fresh ground peanut butter and/or almond butter (Only ingredients are nuts and maybe salt! Do not buy anything that has anything else listed in the ingredients. This is very important.)

Starchy Carbs- sweet potatoes, Rice, (basmati, jasmine, brown, long grain & wild) whatever it is do not buy instant. Yes you have to cook it for 45 minutes! Quinoa, Hot rice cereal, Lightly salted Rice Cakes, Steel cut or whole grain oats.

Other– Unsweetened Almond milk, Pure Stevia Drops( most powders I have seen have maltodextrin in them, that is sugar!)  green tea ( do not use Lipton brands- they have unknown additives in them), Mrs. Dash, Pace Salsa (the only one without sugar listed), lots of dried herbs. Sea salt, garlic cloves, and onions.

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  1. I just looked at the calendar and decided we will be starting on the 4th and ending on the 30th -instead of the 31st- which is a Saturday. I want Sunday the 31st to be a “free day”!!

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