Week 4 Grocery List

Yes this is the last week of an intense sugar detox. For those of you who did not go all out, I bet you wish you had done so. for those of you who did- well one more week, then what??? I will finish off the month with posting my overview of the book Wheat Belly By Dr Davis and then I believe I will stay away from wheat. Understand one thing- NO matter what I stay away from – I will and usually do indulge 1-3 times per month. Like no matter how much I stay away from wheat, and sugar, I will have a pizza sometimes. and I pretty much will stay away from sugar unless there is a very special occaision adn someone made something from scratch that I really cannot live without. The wheat will be a new experience for me. I have to look deeper into it because I love a sandwich every now and then- but I do not know how Dr Davis feels about gluten free bread. I will see soon. anyways this is the grocery list for this week.

Proteins- the same as the last 3 weeks,

Veggies – the same and more-

Fruits- all berries- all fruits.

Dairy- is fine as needed as long as it is not any flavored yogurt, Just PLAIN GREEK yogurt. and none of those cottage chhese double things- where they add the fruit and about 3 tbs of sugar. really, read the ingredients!

healthy fats- the same.

Enjoy this last week and then we will see where March takes us. Thanks for coming along. I will post tommorows meal plan next.

5 thoughts on “Week 4 Grocery List”

    1. Thanks Sandy- I know it went so quick. If anyone doesn’t think they were 100% successful, they now can look back and wonder “why?” …so if you know anyone trying to give up sugars, processed foods, wheat products, send them my way and we will have them do a complete sugar detox for 4 weeks like we just did.

  1. I’ve been looking over your “Sugar Free” plan and it looks totallyk doable. I have realized that I am truly a sugar addict and need to do this. ALSO… I saw Dr. Davis on the Dr. Oz show a while back and what he had to say about wheat kind of blew me away. THEN… this week, my sister comes up to me and says, “You have GOT to read this book.” And it was “Wheat Belly” by Dr. Davis. One of the things he talked about on the show (and evidently in his book, too) is that wheat really leads to craving other starches and sugars… and I’ve know for a while now that wheat contributes towards inflammation in the body. I was going to ask you if I should focus on kicking the wheat habit first… but now that I think about it, I don’t remember seeing any wheat products on any of your grocery lists for the “Sugar Free” plan. Anyway… thanks, Wendy!

    1. Thank you Theresa, You noticed there is no wheat for two reasons- First- wheat is typically in processed foods, which typically has sugar in it. whether it does or not have sugar, it causes that insulin spike that we are trying to avoid during a sugar free month. Second reason is I also personally avoid gluten products- and not because I happen to reading “Wheat Belly” this month- but I am finally reading a book that spells out what I have found out through traial and error these past two years!

  2. It’s gone by so fast! It was remarkably easy after the first several days. It’s forced me to be creative in the kitchen and that has helped to keep it kinda fun (I know…I’m crazy!). I’ve used seasonings, herbs and spices I’ve never used before in search of flavor to satisfy the “cravings”. Doug feels great and that alone has made this journey worth it. I don’t know what March holds but I’m kinda eager to see your recommendation(s) Wendy.

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