Monday Feb, 18th

This was not a plan but somethng I did as an experiment and now recommend you do not try this if you are going sugar free for

February (see M -1)

M-1- eggs, veggies, 1/4 serving of Quinoa w/almond milk & cinnamon.

* NOTE* I Thought trying Quinoa would be ok to add to our diet this week.  It gave me almost an immediate stomach upset. Quinoa is not a grain, nor does it have gluten in it, so I wondered why. If anyone has any ideas let me know.  I am going to stay off the carbs, and just continue with the fruit as a carb for the month of Feb. and try again in March.

M-2- Shakeology w/almond milk + 1/4 banana

M-3- Large salad w/salmon+ nuts+ 1/2 apple

M-4- RAW shake w/kale, parsley, spinach, 1/4 banana, cinnamon & Ginger

M-5- Turkey, brussel sprouts and a small salad

M-6- cottage cheese pudding

2 thoughts on “Monday Feb, 18th”

    1. Yes berries- all berries. The only reason I had some apple and banana is the demands of my 3 workouts today had me worried. I am losing weight rapidly and I risk using muscle for energy if I dont feed my system enough calories. I was not able to eat the amount of veggies I would have needed and berries were out, so I went for the quick fix. No, do not do it if you dont need to . I also ate quinoa today. I am writing my meals (good , bad or indifferent ) for all to see so I have to write everything I put in my mouth. If you find you are losing too rapidly, feel free to ask me in the Q&A section and I would love to address the issue. It can be tricky when it comes down to the last couple lbs. Thanks for asking Steph.

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