Nice words…..


For you to still have abs at 50 is incredibly impressive. You are an inspiration to so many people Wendy. Keep up the great work as you look amazing and thank you for accepting the offer to do this interview. I will let you know when the interview is up. YOU ARE A STUD!

I meant every word! You are my hero. Keep up the great work as you really do inspire a lot of people as you have inspired me.


Obi Obadaki, 2013


DSC03652I have known Wendy for over 6 years and her heartfelt passion to serve others to help them become healthy and fit is second to none!! Wendy not only coaches others but she consistently works on herself with daily workouts and healthy food choices.  Wendy has become a great friend and also a mentor in the field of fitness with an unending stream of knowledge.

Wendy you have always had my respect, especially how you “walk the talk”.

You are a great coach!

Marty Goldman, 2013


I reminded momma tonight, that GOD ALWAYS connects His children w/just the RIGHT PERSON/PEOPLE, at just the right time in our lives, in order to help answer our prayers! She agreed!
Momma and I truly believe that ‘YOU’, my friend, are an answer to some of our most important prayer requests.’…(BY OFFERING TO HELP ME TO GET HEALTHY, FEELING MUCH BETTER & TO HELP ME GET THIS DISGUSTING FAT OFF OF MY BODY!!!) I just can’t thank you enough, Wendy!!!
This is the 1st time…in a long time…that I’ve even wanted to TRY eating healthy, so I have to admit that I was ‘VERY SHOCKED’ how quickly and sincerely I actually ‘WANTED’ to accept your generous offer to help me!!
I can’t wait to read all of your healthy posts, tips & recipes!!! I’m going to get started today!!!

Leanne Grigsby, 2013



Wow. Sorry I’m a little star struck at the moment! I thought your name seemed familiar to me. I’m truly honored to be on the same team as one of my hero’s. I have followed your career. You were on my wall and the reason I stayed in swimming as long as I did.  I just wanted you to know you inspired me then and you inspire me now.   To know I’m facebook friends with one of my idols is so cool to me. You have no idea; I strive to be like you in so many ways.  Thank you for talking to me, thank you for being you and thanks for the pointers.  You just made one of my dreams come true.

It’s truly an honor for me. Jo Canady, 2013


1378185_10202442136801756_2136361523_n[1]Thanks for your time yesterday. I am very appreciative for that. I am always looking for new ways to better everything. You definitely did that- my upper abs are so sore, I’ve done a lot of core stuff, but have never been this sore! Great stuff and thanks again. See ya Soon

Anthony Ostopovich, 2013


Me Carl& Ricky“Wendy has taught me a lot of what I know and really got me started in weight training at 15, bodybuilding at 19 and now helps me train in my surfing. Blessed to know this woman of God and if your gonna get trained by her… Ur gonna get ripped. Thanks Wendy for all you have done in my life … In and out of the gym” Curtis Otto Hoffman 2012



You have Wendy Russo as a Trainer? I would commit a crime to have Wendy as a personal trainer. She made Ron a Champion and she canmake more. I would not have taken my (champion) medal off my neck and hung it around hers if I didn’t believe she is one of the best trainers in the industry today! Have her teach you and humbly listen to her words. Only then will you be doing the things you need to do to make life better for yourself… I love you so Wendy, you will always be a Champion to me….” Dusty Roop 2009



“Wendy, I am speechless…You are a Proverbs 31 woman, an amazing athlete, coach extrodinaire, the best personal trainer, a counselor, saver of lost souls, wife, mother ,daughter , true friend forever to me and to many others. Wendy- I know I am your “grasshopper” but I have to say I have watched you grow and transform in  a beautiful way over the years. I am PROUD and HONORED to have learned from you, the best ever. Love you always, Ron Preacher 2010



“Thank you Wendy!!! I am so very blessed for your friendship, love time and support. You are truly an inspiration because you DO live thelife that you dedicate yourself to helping others find. Thank you for seeing through my old patterns and taking me into your office to talk to me. You planted a seed that will soon blossom and I know now has taken root. there’s still lots of work to be done. I know I can do it with your help.”  Missy McCurin 2011


DSC04373“Wendy has made a huge difference in my life. Every day I thank God that He led me to her. I have been a pharmasist for over 30 years and have an extensive medical background, yet I didnt know or understand that my hip and back pain and the massisve swelling in my legs could be totally relieved by appropriate exercise, diet and conditioning. Wendy’s amazing knowledge and skills hasve not only led me to improve my health but I feel  and look 20 years younger! It is refreshing and wonderful to find someone like Wendy who will go the extra mile to help you better yourself and meet your goals. ..”  Chery Glemser 2012


IMG_3980“Two years ago when I decided to find a personal trainer, I said that I did not want someone who would just “haul me around to the machines.”  So they gave me to Wendy.  She has made a tremendous difference in my life, both in physical activities and finding a new direction in becoming the best that I can be.  She challenges me during every work out, but it doesn’t stop after our 30 minute workout.  Her advice about what to eat and what I should do to become stronger is invaluable.  I encourage everybody to sign up and get better!”  Carol Koller, 2013


“Our personal training with Wendy will end this Thursday :(….. My husband and I have really enjoyed training with her. We have always considered ourselves in shape, and have had 2 personal trainers in the past, but we never felt like we had a workout until we met Wendy! We leave the gym not only feeling good , but totally exhausted..(if that is at all possible!!).  Thanks for everything..  Alan & Patty McCormick 2012


IMG_3968“Coach Wendy does an outstanding job with all aspects of wellness – especially physical fitness and strength training.  She stays current on the latest techniques and is always ready to seek out new information – all you have to do is ask!  I’ve watched her train all ages and she’s equally effective with both men and women.  If you’re looking for help in strengthening core, getting ready for an event, or just in need of some weight control, Coach Wendy has the answers.”   Coach Wendy, you are the best!”  Al Koller, 2013.


W&R BeachBefore I even had the slightest interest in bodybuilding and knew little-to-nothing about weight training, I had a feeling Wendy could help me get started in the gym. I began as a novice asking her for tips on what exercises to do to make my chest stronger and years later the training and her advice eventually culminated in me competing in one of the most demanding of all sports – bodybuilding.

In between meeting Wendy many years ago and recently competing, Wendy and I became good friends and I often sought her advice on exercise science and nutrition. Eventually, Wendy had enough confidence in me to hire me in the Wellness field at the YMCA where I too have been able to have a positive impact on people’s health and fitness – as Wendy has done for several years.

Wendy recently moved from The Y to Parrish Fitness center as a personal trainer. I am a member of Parrish working out here regularly. When she asked me what I was going to do regarding weight training, I said maybe compete. She encouraged me to pick a show and tell her the date and said she would help me get ready. I picked a show and we began our contest preparation.

Wendy trained me for the NPC Daytona Beach Classic where I placed fifth in the middleweight class. After some convincing from Wendy, two weeks later, I competed in the DFAC Florida State Natural Pro Qualifier in Ormond Beach where I placed second in the lightweight class. Competing has brought an entirely different perspective on weight training and diet. It defiantly brings a purpose to the time spent working out. The season has ended but I look forward to next year and competing again.
Wendy has helped me foster all the tools I needed to succeed in bodybuilding, the Wellness field, and in life. I am always looking forward to learning from Wendy and working with her on our next endeavor!

Robert Fuhrer 2013



2 thoughts on “Nice words…..”

  1. Wendy Wellness !!!

    What a great website you have for your new venture! Makes me want to stand up and do some ‘windmills’ like the good ol’ days
    back at the Y in Titusville.

    Very proud of you – you’ve got to know that 🙂


    1. Gil- I would love to see a windmill again! Those days at the Y were great but the days ahead are and will be much better! stop by next time you make the chex mix again!! hotter next time!

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