Week 3 Grocery List

Week 3 grocery list. we have 2 more weeks to go!! I am loving this. This week buy more fruit- probably any kind of fruit you want- the key to the fruit is never eat it alone. It is not a meal- always eat it with something. I mostly put it in shakes or eat it with shakes or raw nuts. You can mix berries in a bowl with chopped raw nuts and put cinnamon on it. That would be a “meal”, and if you like add 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

This week add( if you havent already) PLAIN GREEK yogurt or  Cottage cheese.

Otherwise- this is my list for this week.

Proteins- Chicken, turkey lunchmeat, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese ( I have a freezer stocked w/venision)

Veggies- Mixed salad greens, celery, carrots, rutabaga (I loved it), frozen spinach, bell peppers, fresh brocolli& califlower, squash

Fats- mixed raw nuts, avacado.

This list is lean- but I still have lots from the first two lists left. Anyone who is wondering what else I eat can look at week one and two grocery lists.

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