Friday Feb. 15th

Survived Valentines Day?? I havent heard from anyone this morning. I guess its early.

My junk yesterday included 2 heart shaped peppermint patties. 2 chocolate truffles, and I shared an “apple cinnamon explosion” at Outback with my husband. I ate all my meals except #6. For dinnerĀ I ate steak, brocolli and green beans, so no harm done there. I am ready for no suagr again today.

M-1- Eggs, veggies

M-2 RAW shake w/kale/parsley+ berries

M-3- leftover steak+ brocolli+ rutabaga

M-4- celery ,carrots + raw nuts

M-5- chicken, Salad+ cooked brocolli

M-6- turkey lettuce wraps.

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