The tabs in the “About” section are here to describe me, my passions and what I am here to do. For those who want the basic info,  I am currently working as an independant contractor personal trainer at Parrish Health & Fitness and Anytime Fitness in Titusville. I was the Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer at the Titusville YMCA for 10 years prior.

With the experince I have gained over the years, and then turning 50 years old, I decided it was time to make a move to become a more relevant figure in this society of poor health, obesity, and lack of activity. The web is my greatest tool. I can touch many through this site, Facebook , You Tube, Pinterest and Instagram. Although there are many to choose from , I want this to be another great place to go to find information, motivation and insight to whatever the world needs to become healthier, leaner and more active.

This is my goal- to do my part in helping make this world a better place, by helping others be the best they can be. I may not be able to touch millions, but I can and have touched thousands. I will go on until the Lord calls me home.

Coach Wendy

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Commitment to Health

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