Raw Chocolate recipie for Valentines Day!!

I have several raw chocolate recipies and I am sure you can find many more of the web. Just be careful- most call for “agave nectar” but this is the kiss of death to us sugar detoxers! Might as well use sugar, so anything with agave- forget it. I use stevia drops to taste when making this or any chocloate recipie.  This  is the easiest for a quick fix:

buy Baker’s chocolate unsweetened baking chocolate squares (yes I do eat those plain for a chocolate fix) IT WORKS!

Melt as many in a pan as you want, add stevia drops to tastse, 1 tsp vanilla and some chopped nuts and then let cool. You got it! as good as it can be for as simple as that is. Outta nuts, dont worry- use nut butter instead.

Get creative. Let me know what else you can add. I add shredded unsweetened coconut, and coconut extract sometimes. you can add hemp seeds if you have them, sometimes I add a scoop of vanilla protein powder just to add some nutrition and make it softer. There is so much you can do with this and some stevia. have fun and enjoy!

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