Saturday Feb. 9th

Sorry for the delay. I thought I did this last night.

M-1- Whey protein/w/almond milk proir to my later than norma workout.

M-2- Eggs and greens  – Kale, spinach. brocolli, parsley + salsa

M-3- RAW protein shake w/almond milk and kale spinach and swiss chard

M-4- salad w/canned Salmon

M-5- Chia pudding (recipie- 3tbs chia seeds soak in water for 20 minutes then add almond milk, mixed raw nuts, cinnamon, ginger, and about 10 gogi berries(since we are adding fruit this week, I will break out the gogis!) either pure vanilla extract or pure ccoconut extract w/ shredded unsweetened coconut. ONLY use PURE extracts. the artificial ones are terrible.

M-6- Venision tenderloins w/cooked veggies (TBD) and a salad.

M-7- If I am still hungry I will have a few slices of turkey and celery . With 1tbs. Hummus (thanks Doug Baker- I searched at the store and found one with nothing added to it!)


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