This is not  my entire recipe book, I have so many recipes I would have to make a book to share them all. But these are a few recipes I have come up with over time. Sometimes by seeing something and making it my own (by eliminating unnecessary ingredients) or just making it up as I go.

These are some of my favorites and recently requested for one reason or another.

I am not a cook, baker, chef or any of the above  (disclaimer) 🙂

I am sure most of you can come up with versions of mine that are much tastier. Mine are quick, easy and what I consider “authorized foods” in other words, what  I eat when trying to get or stay lean. These recipes come right from my daily menu . Very clean meals. I hesitate to share because I know most people like more flavorful foods than I do. But I share because most people ask me, “what do you eat?” ….well, this is some of it.

If you have another version, please share it with me. I love new ideas. Thanks and eat well!

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