Friday Feb. 8th

M-1- Egg omlette with lots of veggies

M-2- Shakelogy shake w/strawberries + almond milk

M-3- Venision chili w/salad

M-4- canned chicken salad (made w/mustard, spices and olive oil) Carrots & celery

M-5- Chicken breast, Brocolli & Califlower, acorn squash

M-6- leftover chicken salad w/raw veggies+ raw nuts

3 thoughts on “Friday Feb. 8th”

  1. Hey, Wendy! I think this sugar detox is awesome! I have 2 questions …. I don’t like Venision … what can I replace it with? And is Blue Agave considered a sugar? Please let me know! And thanks for all the great advice! I love it.

    1. I use venision because we have it loaded in the freezer all year long. If you check out the grocery list I made , you will see all the authorized foods. Agave nectar is the next closest thing to honey but I think raw honey would be first to agave.. We arent using either on this detox. I only use stevia drops if needed.

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