Week 2 Grocery List

Grocery List for the second week of Sugar Free February

Keep in mind, Whatever you don’t like- don’t get it. This was my list for this week, but I added some things as “others” that I have at my house always and you may or may not have.  There are more to choose from but this is basically what I always have in my house, and this is what I will eat this week.   These are ALL authorized foods for this week. Remember if you eat anything outside this list I cant be held responsible for you not doing as well as others who follow the list to the letter. Some are eating cleaner than me!! Congrats to everyone still following. The hardest is over. we will coast through the reast of the month.

Also keep in mind we have had no cheat meals or days. Valentines Day will be a cheat day or meal or just dessert if you want. I will not hold anyone to being perfect on that day. Just myself! lol..

Proteins–  White or dark meat free range chicken, any wild caught fish or wild game meats, cans of Tuna, Salmon and sardines in water,  nitrate free lunchmeats, Whole Organic eggs, large carton of egg whites, lowfat organic cottage cheese. Lean grass fed beef.

Veggies- Bell peppers (green ,red, orange and yellow), sliced mushrooms, Acorn squash, Lettuce (all kinds), baby carrots, celery,  1  head of Broccoli, 1 head of cauliflower, frozen spinach, Fresh Parsley, bag of Kale greens.  NO CORN!

Healthy Fats-  Raw nuts (in the baking section of the store) walnuts, almonds & pecans, Coconut oil, olive oil. Fresh ground peanut butter and/or almond butter (Only ingredients are nuts and maybe salt! Do not buy anything that has anything else listed in the ingredients. This is very important.)

Other– Unsweetened Almond milk, Pure Stevia Drops( most powders I have seen have maltodextrin in them, that is sugar!)  green tea ( do not use Lipton brands- they have unknown additives in them), Mrs. Dash, Pace Salsa (the only one without sugar listed), lots of dried herbs. Sea salt, garlic cloves, and onions.

Specials to add this week– (only if you must)- frozen berries for shakes or fresh berries to put in salads. You must not eat berries without a meal. they are NOT a meal by themselves! Also I am thinking some plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese would be good. You can add the berries to either of these. ONE time per day only!! I make a killer pudding with cottage cheese. I guess I need a recipie tab.

3 thoughts on “Week 2 Grocery List”

  1. I’d love to see you add a recipe tab to the site. I’m using all kinds of fun spices, much like a mad scientist! Its been really good but some additional input would be great!

    1. I will do that Steph. I will ask my site administrator who is holding my hand through this entire process, and we will get to it , maybe this weekend! But I bet my concoctions will be pretty boring to what most can come up with. I should ask for recipies too, then I can pick and choose.

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