Monday, Feb. 4

M-1- 1 scoop “RAW” protein powder- w/kale, parsley, spinach and almond milk . I add lots of cinnamon and ginger powder too!

M-2- hard boiled eggs w/ raw broccoli and cauliflower (leftovers)

M-3- Large salad w/Salmon

M-4- Celery , carrots, almond butter

M-5- Venison, cooked broccoli, salad

M-6- turkey lettuce wraps ( I make them myself)

Note: I am having my shake first today because of a time issues and I will not be home  in time to cook eggs, so I am bringing my hard boiled eggs and raw veggies with me . Always be prepared if you know you will not be home.  I will be home for M-3 (lunch)

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