Wendy RussoGluttony: glut·ton·y

/[gluht-n-ee] noun

Excessive eating and drinking.

Habitual eating to excess.

Synonyms: gormandizing, intemperance, voracious


 Eating to excess: personified as one of the deadly sins

Proverbs 23:21– For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty and drowsiness (laziness) shall clothe a man with rags….

Wow, even in biblical times, eating to excess was an issue to be heeded. Unfortunately, we didn’t take heed for long.

Am I wrong to say that this country is in a state of overweight?  Maybe to get a grip on changing it, we should come to terms with the word- GLUTTONY.

I was on the phone with a close friend the other day. The subject of our conversation always seems to lead to what we are doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We both strive to live a healthy lifestyle. It is definitely a work in progress, all the time. We discussed a very sensitive subject and how it related to us personally.

That subject is: GLUTTONY.

I personally have been battling weight gain since Thanksgiving.  I went on a feast that apparently got out of control. This led me to gain extra body fat that I am not comfortable with. Each Holiday season I traditionally allow myself a few extra pounds but typically by February, it is gone and I am back to feeling great again. Not this time. I have been caught in what seems like an abyss of the downward spiral. Fully aware that if I continue, my little fat will become more, then before I know it; I could go over the edge. It is a serious and sensitive subject because after contemplation, discussion and study, I believe  that I must come to terms with gluttony.  As my friend put it, we are stuffing our faces with so much food until satisfaction and sometimes beyond, while there are others starving all over the world. Why??? Can every overweight person be accused of gluttony?  What is it that makes us so dependent on food, not for survival but for pleasure? Even while on a diet I must admit, I look so forward to each and every meal. I cannot imagine a life not eating. When I am tempted with sweet treats on a day I allow them, I become a glutton. I can’t stop.

I understand that gluttony has similarities to alcoholism (view the Bible verse above) Coming from a friend of mine who is sober now (once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic) every time he is faced with temptation to drink, he has to make a choice. When the choice is put in his face it’s usually tempting. Ultimately, he chooses no. With food, we allow ourselves to partake with little to no limits.  Why decline?  After all, it will not kill us, chances are we won’t overeat at a party and go out and cause an accident in our car because we ate too much junk food.  We allow gluttony. That is all it is, plain and simple, defined, eating to excess.

Think about it. When was the last time you ate to excess?  I have been using an app on my cell phone called “my Fitness pal”…. It is not yet my pal…. It is a tool to track every little thing I put in my mouth. The first few days I was involved in scanning and tracking. The next few days I spent noticing I have a problem with food. Unless I am on a specific “diet”, and sticking to it, I have a problem.

I like to graze or eat until I am full. Innocent enough, until I realized a little here, a little there, adds up. Thanks to my fitness pal , attempting to become my friend.

After 4 weeks of tracking I have not lost a pound of fat- or a pound of weight for that matter. What does that tell you? That I have gone over my allotment more times than I have gone under. Just hitting the number is a big celebration for me. Why is that? Sure I can lose water from one day to the next, but I know what fat is and I know what I need to lose. At the end of the day if I attained my goals, I am thrilled, but as I sit here this evening, with about two hours to go till bedtime, I am hungry. Guess what? My new fitness pal says I already made my goals today.  I refuse to go over. I think about my conversation the other day and about the starving people in this world who would be overjoyed to have one meal like I ate today. And I can’t imagine a life like that.

It is real easy to get caught up in gluttony.  Eating to excess. Why do we do it?

I am here to tell you that I am a happy, healthy person. I stay busy, I have all I need, my life is fulfilled, and yet I love to eat. Despite what you may think, I enjoy eating.

Have you noticed that there are more overweight people than underweight? (not including folks under 25 years old) How does one get overweight? Eating to excess.  Plain and simple. You cannot out exercise a bad diet, ever. So why do we do this? My peers and I could talk for days upon days and probably never come up with all the reasons, excuses or issues that we have heard.

Allow me, plain and simple: Gluttony- Eating to excess.

             I suck at math but this equation is simple:

                           Excess food = Excess weight

You cannot get around it. Neither can I. Yet I wonder and I think, but no matter the outcome of my pondering, studying, and long intellectual conversations, I realize I eat to excess. YOU think about that today. Reflect on that simple fact. Don’t think about the reasons.  And look where you are today with your self-regarding gluttony.

I know where I am, I know where I have to be. I must make a conscious decision each and every day of my life to keep my mouth shut when I have the chance to eat more than I should. I have to do what I know to do to make it work. I will not allow this to get me. Once my “Fitness pal” really becomes my friend, I am sure I will have succeeded.  How about you?


4 thoughts on “Gluttony”

  1. Wendy,

    A great article yet again and tying it to scripture leaves no room for arguement. I especially liked how you talked about your friend who is now sober from alcohol. He makes the choice everyday to not drink. It doesn’t come natural, he literally has to have that conversation with himself each and every day. I think for me that is the problem, I think it’s suppose to get normal to not excessively eat. You’re telling me, scripture is telling me that every day I need to make this decision. More than that I am with you about how we are not to abuse our bodies with sins like gluttony. We eat and eat, tellings ourselves it’s okay because so many times that is how we express our emotions but food is the most widely used drug in America!
    Great article-thanks again Wendy!

    1. Narinder, The subject appears to have come off to you as seriously as it did to me. I am glad that I could put something into words that may make a difference in others lives. It has impacted mine. unfortunately, we all need reminders over time. 🙂

  2. Wendy how true it is!! Well though out article and I cannot agree more!! Constant battle between doing the right thing and stuffing!!! So glad that I win some of the time and working on winning the battle most of the time!! Always fun Wendy!!

    So glad I am a conscious being working on becoming even more so!


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