Starting Over 2014

We all go through trials in life. Just when we think everything is great, boom! It hits you out of nowhere. But it’s those who rebound quickly who can look at it knowing that this too will pass and mostly, we will come out stronger on the other side. That’s what keeps me going. One of my favorite Bible verses is James 1:2-3 “Consider it pure joy my brother’s when you face trails of every kind, for the testing of your faith produces patience and perseverance” ….

The year 2013 closed out well for me. But I had some issues going on for the last few years that were only getting worse. Topping it all off my cat of 12 years died after a long battle with cancer. That hit me very hard. But then I had some other issues to face. Possibly going through menopause (at 51 it seems inevitable), may have played a role in this. Men would equate it to the mid-life crisis. I didn’t have the desire to get a young guy and spend money on a convertible (although I love cars and would like to have a second car convertible) but I was in a marriage that was not going well. Without getting personal, maintaining privacy,  it was decision time. I had been mulling over this the past few years. Working on making it better, working on making me better, working on making us better. I was unsuccessful. In January I decided to make a change. I had to “do it now” or continue on another year or so, then do it later- which made no sense.  I made the decision to file for divorce. It was easy at first; I left home and began my mission to start all over again.

Four months later, the divorce was final on May 12th, 2014. The day was a whirlwind, but I pretty much fell apart through the emotions of at all, in private of course.

This blog is not about divorce. This blog is about starting over. I am starting a new year and a new life at 51 years old and counting….

Physically, I had maintained my fitness level but I felt tired way too much and had gained 5 lbs of pure fat right around my once beautiful abs. So I went to the Dr. for testing and found my cortisol levels were tanked through the floor, again after 5 years of being perfect. That made me feel better because I know exactly what to do to fix that. Immediately, I decided to take a “before “photo and start a 12 week transformation. I settled on a good meal plan- tighter and cleaner than it has been in months, and made a workout schedule I could stick to. I know it has only been a few days but I feel better already. Once this week is over, I will know I succeeded and it went well. I can say it took me about 6 months of being undisciplined to get to this point.  I am there and it feels like normal again.

I just want what all of you want- I want the results right here and now.  BUT, I know that won’t work, so I look forward to the 12th week when I can take some new photos and post them proudly.

Yes, I am proclaiming it right here and now. My health matters first because as I always say, “without my health, I am no good to anyone- especially myself” Good bye junk food, comfort foods and haphazard workouts. I am writing everything down and journaling my success. No matter how experienced we are at this- keeping a journal and staying accountable are always the 2 major things involved in a successful transformation. After all, without planning, we plan to fail. I will not fail. I have a new life to start, it will be hard but I know I have to look forward to the daily task of eating and working out and the transformation I will go though.  I have great friendships, relationships with friends and family and I love life. I love God and His grace, mercy and kindness. I love my ex-husband, and I will always love him.  I will continue to live, love and be loved every day I am breathing. I thank you all for listening and supporting me. After all- I must continue to be a light that shines in the world of darkness for anyone who wants to look to me as an example. I am doing it, so join me in this next 12 weeks in making positive and healthy changes in your life. We will do this!

Coach Wendy

6 thoughts on “Starting Over 2014”

  1. Sorry, Wendy, for your sadness, but happy that you have managed to escape a place that wasn’t good for you, a place you had endured for years. Actually 51 is a pretty good age to start over. New beginnings can be good. I am with you 100% … let me know if I can ever help you in anyway!

  2. Making hard life choices and deciding to share them with others, especially when they are so personal, is a very difficult thing. However, once done a huge burden is removed from your shoulders and life becomes exhilarating once again. I’m sorry you had to go through this but happy that you had the strength to do it. Sharing your story with class and honor is nothing less than what I would have expected from the Wendy that I know. I love who you are, don’t change that for anybody, and happy for your new beginnings.

  3. Wendy, you are SUCH an inspiration to me. It’s funny because we’ve only spoken on the phone a couple of times, email a few and the rest social media. Imagine the impact you make on those that get to see you regularily? You are blessing, you are THE SALT OF THE EARTH and you do no sit on what you know but share what you know-the Word of God through your coaching and posts. Thank you for opening yourself up to make an impact in others. So grateful for your faith and ministry.

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