Cleaning closets

Usually we wait for the Spring to clean out closets. Because I live in Florida we are over the little bit of cold weather.  I will start cleaning my closet this month. I believe it is like a New Years resolution. Start fresh at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately most of you have to wait till Spring because of the freezing cold weather and needing those heavy winter clothes.

 I use the one year rule- if I haven’t worn it in one year- it gets removed.

You now can ask, “How does this pertain to living a healthy lifestyle and working out coach?”

I have always strived to be a modest and humble person. Yet, I have had a great life. I have been on top of the world. I have gathered lots of material things in my life. I have had great jobs, great friends and great teachers. I lived in great houses, great neighborhoods, driven great cars and had great clothes. Although I got caught up in material things sometimes- ultimately, I never allowed these things to define my life.  I never want people to look at my stuff wishing they had what I had- ever.  And this is the reason- because real life is not the one going on around you, the one others see, or the one you think you have

*Real life is what’s going on inside you.*

Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you”, righteousness, peace and joy. The life that matters and defines us is the life inside us. What we need to go after is a relationship with God and a relationship with ourselves which leads to relationship with others. After all- how many people can you look at and think by seeing their money and success that they “have it all , but you have no idea what’s going on inside them. Sadly it can be really bad. (Michael Jackson is one example of that.)  No matter how great it looks on the outside.   Changing our minds(cleaning our closets) is so utterly important. People can say to me, “ I wish I had your body” but they don’t realize it’s what’s inside me that kept me going all these years to stay in shape. occasionally, someone will say to me, ” it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to look like that”. They get it.

If someone is not willing to change the inside, yes, the outside can still change, but only for a short time because soon the bad seed inside will grow again and destroy the outside.  I would like people to notice the inside- as well as the outside. And not so much to notice as to REALIZE and then want to do what it takes. I understand the importance of change and I am passionate about doing what I can to help change the world. I feel that passion inside me as I continue to work on what matters most- the inside.  Back to cleaning my closet. Do you see the correlation here?

You can start today by changing your mind, one thought at a time, to make healthy changes in your life. Clean your closet, you pantry the things that will help you feel better about yourself. then take a look at the inside. your personal “closet” so to speak. Then by this, you will start to see some healthy changes going on inside of you which will lead to good things all around you.

Enjoy your cleaning! Coach Wendy

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