Moving through September

I am sitting here realizing that the world never stops for me. Each day I get older and each day goes by whether I finish my activities for that day or not. Nothing stops, ever. This is one of the many reasons I have chosen to stay in shape as best I can.

I need to keep up!! I continue to eat right, exercise and constantly set goals for myself. Yes I could lay down and take it easy- but night will still come and morning will still come and the days will go by and I will have accomplished nothing but resting. Every week I make a statement about how busy I am and I can’t wait for a certain day to get here that I will have “nothing” to do. Well that day  has come- it is Friday afternoon at 3:00pm and I finally have finished everything I had to do all week. YES! And I now have time to sit and write a blog! After this I will work on a power point presentation and then go through all my emails and computer stuff that has been patiently awaiting my attention all week.

And guess what? By tomorrow I can say I finished everything I had to do all week and I will get prepared to start all over again next week.

How about you? Do you stay busy, or do you just sit around waiting for things to come up? Do you schedule your time, or do you run around like a headless chicken just chasing things you need to do? Do you make time for exercising, or do you check into the gym when and if you get a spare moment? Do you eat right, or do you just grab whatever you can as quickly as you can to eat while you are on the go? Do you ever get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, or do you lay awake in worry or with a mind that’s running faster than you could physically ever run? What is your life like? Did you take the time to read this, or is life so busy you cant do anything that takes longer than 2 minutes without being turned in a different direction?

Well I am not going to tell you to stop doing what you are doing, I am just going to say this, We ALL have the same 24 hours in a day. Your life is YOURS. It starts with dreams, that turn into goals, that turn into plans, that turn into schedules.  The busier you are, the more important it is to schedule your day.

Crazy as it may sound to some of you- it’s probably those who think its crazy that need it the most!

Watch my motivational video on you tube (if you have a spare 8 minutes)

Then if you really have time (about 25 minutes) watch my newest series of 10 videos made for on “Staying in Shape”

This shoot took all day. It was a long treacherous day, but in the end well worth the effort. The titles are randomly selected, so don’t expect to learn something specific in an actual series. Enjoy and please tell me what you think. I am already working on making the next series better. I learn only from my mistakes so I must be my worst critic so I can get batter each time. 🙂


For now I am going to sign off, enjoy my plans for the rest of the day, and start bringing it on again tomorrow at 7AM- at the gym. Hope to see you there!

Coach Wendy

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