APRIL on the way!

IMG_3919With Sugar Free February under our belt and  Wheat Free March winding down, I am wondering, how is everyone doing? I personally have been doing real well.. I have had some bumps along the way- as everyone does, but I have maintained no sugar or wheat in my diet. Everyone knows that I have had some planned “free days” the key word is planned and I made a conscious effort to add those forbidden foods into my day here and there. But for the most part, I will say I have been successful.

How about you? Did anyone lose weight during this time? Did anyone notice some health issues went away? Did anyone notice feeling better overall? Did anyone start a workout program because they felt so well? These are things I am wondering because going sugar and wheat free will have this effect on people. Its amazing how great we feel when we get  all the junk out of our system. Sometimes we never knew we felt bad to begin with. So let me hear from you.

Now on to April

Plans for April are to continue being sugar and wheat free. I am going to start working on presenting some exercise routines in my videos for people to use and start a program- either at home or in the gym. Right now I am getting my feet wet and trying different things, but I have been getting feedback and suggestions about what others want to see. This is all for you! Not for me. I want to bring you what you want and need to get healthy, stay healthy and live a longer and healthier life than the path you were on when we met.

The first weekend in April I will heading to the Jacksonville Physique Contest with a young man I am training named Ricky Carrillo. I will post his photos and story that week. I also have been working on trying to make some real photos of myself to start making those motivational quotes/photos they post all over face book. I love them , but I am tired of people posting pictures of someone they don’t know,(and may never meet) just because the pictures says something like “Work hard train harder”……. I don’t know. I decided to try to come up with my own series of photos, and I am asking for some good quotes to use that would motivate you. So please – suggestions are welcome. All this is underway in April.

It is Spring and it will be a great month. Please continue to follow me on face book and You Tube. I posted the links on my homepage here at this website for you to click on to get to either. Keep the comments coming. This is all coming together but always a work in progress! Stay Healthy and Happy. And Happy Easter!

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