Wheat Free March

After completing a successful sugar free February, I want to continue to get leaner and healthier for Spring. To keep in my DSC043682.jpgcompetitive spirit, I came up with “Wheat Free March”.

Flashback two years ago, My 38 year old half- sister had an unexpected heart attack. She was overweight, smoked and did not exercise. The Drs. blamed it on genetics, but no one on that side of the family had heart disease, so I am not sure how that all was rationalized. I do know one thing, being overweight meant her diet was terrible. It really was. Was that the cause? I will never know, but all I can do is pray to God those so -called genetics didn’t trickle over to me. If they did, I will do everything in my power to not allow anything into my body (via food) that would obviously cause heart disease.

The more I study, the more I am seeing Medical doctors writing about the links between sugar, cancer and heart disease. That is one reason I felt so strongly to lead people through a no sugar month. Recently after reading the book “Wheat Belly”, I am learning about a connection  with wheat products (ie. processed foods) raising insulin levels as much as sugar, thereby causing the same effects on the body as sugar—which lead to a higher risk of cancer or heart disease.

It’s not quite mainstream media yet, but with more medical doctors being on TV and some others with great websites being so well recognized and followed, I believe our health care system will eventually follow suit and start spreading the word about the awful foods we continue to put into our mouth on a daily basis.

Just last week my 68 year old Aunt had an unexpected heart attack. The cause? All we know is she is overweight and eats lots of that awful food. She will be changing her eating habits immensely this week, hopefully for the rest of her life.

Yes, my sister and my Aunt both lived through their heart attack experience, and now they officially have heart disease. BUT they both have the option to change their lifestyle- eating properly and exercising, or just stay the same. The choice is theirs alone.  Just like the choice is mine alone what to put in my mouth daily. This month I choose to go wheat free. I hope many join me on this journey. It may be hard to do, but it can’t hurt and chances are if we adopt the new style of eating, it may prolong our life and definitely make us look and feel healthier while living it!

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