PSP-progessive   (worsens)  supernuclear (brain damage )palsey  (weaknesses)   Characterized by the inability to move the eyes properly which can be confused with blurry vision. 1964 was the birth of PSP.. The Dr. AT Mayo Clinic has diagnosed me with that after going 5 times. They have done all kinds of tests on me.

And the answer I can say to people now is ,”I have been diagnosed with PSP”. I do not believe I will die from this, although some people feel differently, I know GOD will heal me of this terrible disease- that I have been diagnosed as having. But all I know is I really do have slowness of speech and other things, Inability to move my eyes and falling and losing my balance a lot! It is like something has over taken my body. All I want to do is wake up and feel “Normal” one day. Soon.  And no one can understand why I don’t want to go out or do things. I don’t feel safe or Normal that’s why!!! It’s all I can do to convince people of that- they don’t understand. What can I do with this? One might ask. I plan to talk about this publicly. I want to be a spokesman for this disease whether I have it or NOT, I do need to speak what I can about this and what I will do to heal and get better. See I had nothing to do while the Coronavirus was going on so I thought I’d get THIS!!!! Not really, but It seems that way, doesn’t it? I am seeing the surgeon about my completely torn rotator cuff this week. That is another story in itself. One for later. For now the thing is PSP.

2 thoughts on “P.S.P.”

  1. You are one the strongest people I know and regardless of this terrible diagnosis, God will still use you. I will have your back, you know that!

  2. So sorry to learn of your illness. Carol enjoys your sessions (except they drain her energy!), and I’m sure you know we both send our prayers for your cure and pathway back to the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself. Take care and stay safe. We send our best wishes for your full recovery.

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