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Someone once said to me that when someone in their 20’s drinks to get drunk, it’s socially acceptable… but if they drink beyond that age, then they’re seen as an alcoholic. That stuck with me. So although I drank some alcohol in my 20’s, I eventually quit. And now I don’t really like to drink alcohol at all. I’m just not a drinker.

I’m not saying that every person who drinks socially is an alcoholic. I don’t see anything wrong with others drinking socially on occasion. I just don’t get why someone would want to have more than a few drinks or get inebriated. Personally, I don’t care to be around people who are inebriated… and honestly, I have no desire to be romantically involved with someone who feels the need or desire to drink often.

I was married to someone who drank regularly. He never saw it, but it changed the way he related to me… and it eventually made me feel that the bottle was more important to him than I was. I do not want or need mind altering substances to get through life, and I especially don’t want my body to reap the physical side effects of alcohol consumption. They’re pretty bad. Have you ever read about it? Google it sometime.

You could call me strait or jaded, and you might be right. Many may feel that way about me regarding this issue, because when I look around today, drinking and getting a buzz seems to be the new normal for social entertainment. It seems that at my age, all I can find are men who like to drink.

Do women share this point of view more than men? I want to hear from men AND women on this one.

  1. I want to hear if you drink every day or night. And if you do drink every day or night, are you holding down a steady job? Does your significant other have an issue with your drinking?
  2. Are you a casual social drinker who only drinks on occasion? And if so, are you married or single… and how do you feel about others who don’t drink at all?
  3. Are you a non-drinker married to a drinker? How much do they drink and how does it affect your relationship.

I want to hear all about it. Because that’s what I do—I listen and learn. I don’t think I’m special because I don’t like to drink. It actually has become a curse, as I just don’t understand what makes people want it so badly.

Give me some feedback. I need to hear from others on this subject.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Consumption”

  1. I’m like you I don’t drink 🍸 because it does nothing for me. I would rather have junk food as my substance instead. My hubby and I have been together for almost 30 years and over the course of time we have drank less and less. He may drink maybe at the most 2 beers 🍻 within 2 weeks. I used to drink maybe 4 times a year and now none. I’m a rare bird 🐦 too. Being parents and raising our kids we interact with other parents. I’ve noticed most parents drink way more then my husband and I do. As a result, it narrows our friends down to a few. I’m not saying they have a problem with drinking but they enjoy it socially more than we do. My brother-in-law is an acholic and he knows that we don’t want to be around him if he chooses to drink (he gets louder and louder…say the wrong thing then watch out). He wouldn’t think about doing it around my husband anyway. I truly believe acholism is a diease like other things. Unfortunately, not many people in our society looks at it that way. It breaks my ❤️ for someone who is an acholic. I can relate with them even though it’s junk food for me. I guess their are many ways to distinguish how or why a person drinks. Is it a social thing or is it a need? If it’s a need or have to have then I’d say they are an acholic which is a diease. How to recover or anything I personally don’t know. But I know in my ❤️ that it is a disease. I’m not a social drinker since I don’t drink. Nor do I to be with someone out drinking who’s goal is to get a buzz. It just isn’t fun for me. I agree that acholic is bad for our body in so many ways. Unfortunately, so many don’t know. I definitely feel like a odd ball because I don’t drink but I’m ok with that.

  2. In my early years teens and 20’s I did drink a lot because I could. I started when I was 16 because I lived in Germany at the time. I drank to get a buzz and just have plain fun. I’ve drank and drove to which was stupid! But at that age or any age people think they are invincible. Luckily I stopped and the friend I always party with got a DUI 6 months after I stopped. I’ve noticed the older I’ve gotten the less desire I have to drink. Eventually only drinking about 4 times a year to none now. It isn’t a need or I have to have it. My husband drinks rarely too. Raising kids and interacting with other parents we noticed that we didn’t share the desire to socially drink with others. I’m not saying their is anything wrong with drinking and socializing…it’s just something we don’t do. I do believe people who have a need or should I say have to have it is what I consider a drinking problem/ acholic. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that it is a disease. It’s just not recognized which is sad. For me personally I don’t want to be with someone who wants to get a buzz or drunk. It just makes me feel uncomfortable especially because I don’t drink (mostly because it does nothing for me). Then you have people who drink want a beer or two with a meal. Then you have people who drink more or just drink a lot with no meal. It’s definitely a social thing but when you have to it then it crosses that line that could be considered an Alcoholic (which is a disease). I don’t drink and I’m sure people consider me as an odd ball but I’m fine with that. But I definitely have compassion for people who do have a problem drinking.

  3. I was a social drinker who couldn’t drink socially. I never knew I had too much to drink and would get into some type of predicament. I saved vacation days for hangovers, jail time, over sleeping etc, but had 8 years perfect attendance at work.
    After I finally sought help I have been able to remain sober for over 26 years.
    The gal I married didn’t drink and pretty well told me that the only way we would even work out was to stay sober. So for us, being alcohol free works. We don’t typically hang around crowds that drink, but have close friends that drink and are ok with that.
    The people that I know that do drink to excess though, seem to me, that they are trying to escape into another world and have even stated that they need that escape.

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