We all have choices. I didn’t realize what an impact this statement made on my life until today. Sitting at lunch with Ron Preacher, he said he knew a man who wrote a book that stated we make about 150,000 choices each day. I’m thinking like 50, maybe 100 or 150, but I was wrong! It’s 150,000!!

How did Ron prove this to me? Well he said it starts in the morning, when the alarm clock rings. Do you open your eyes or leave them closed? Do you look at the light, the iPhone or the clock? Do you get up or stay in bed? If you decide to get up, which side of the bed will you get up on, etc.? You could easily make hundreds of choices before you even get out of bed. That sold me!

We all have choices. Wow—how impacting. What do I choose right now? A friend of mine said that I need to stop saying I am old and worn out. I suppose if I continue to say it, I will become it. Choices. It’s crazy to age knowing you are near the end. I guess there will come a time in life when I will be ok with moving on to my new life. Weird thing is, I like this one. Why do I have to go anywhere? Maybe by the time I am ready there will be nothing and no one here for me anymore. So that tells me it’s not time yet, there are things to do, places to go, people to meet… choices to be made.

Will I make some changes? Will life go on despite my choices? Yes and yes. Choices will be made every day, all day long apparently, even if they’re made subconsciously. These choices will have the power to affect our lives in small ways and huge ways… like quality of life, for example.

What also comes to my mind is the choice to be happy despite the lonely times, the choice to stay active when I feel like being lazy, the choice to go to church on Sundays, and the choice to go to work or even volunteer. I choose to feel good and even if I don’t feel so great, to act like I do because no one wants to be around a complainer. Those are big choices, but I’m sure the biggest ones are the ones that readily come to mind.

What choices will you make today? Think about it.

Coach Wendy


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