Another Funeral

This post is about funerals. I have been to 2 funerals the past 2 weekends. One was a middle age man, yesterdays was an older lady. You may say I have become a professional mourner, or so it feels. But these funerals have something in common that may surprise you, if not myself. You see I have avoided funerals like the plague after my grandmothers, but really that was the most tragic event I could have attended, since I did not understand. My walk with Christ wasn’t as deep as it is now, and my lack of Biblical knowledge was shaky at best.

But yesterday I realized, one thing is certain, that both of these fine people who have left this earth have done just that, left this earth to be in the Glory of the Lord forever and ever. Can I get an Amen?

The Pastor put it rather profoundly yesterday as I sat there in awe of the legacy this woman had left and the lives she had touched. He said have you ever tried to explain colors to a blind person? To one who had been blind from birth, known nothing but darkness their entire life. Only black and maybe some shades of light, maybe. Try to explain color to them, like the green trees, the blue skies the white sands, or anything for that matter. They can try their hardest to imagine it, but really they may never get it right.

Be still for a minute and think about how in the Bible we are given descriptions of how heaven looks and how God looks and all the things that we will see when we get there. Think about it, and then stop. Realize that we are like the blind person trying to imagine colors. Will anyone ever get it right? I doubt it.

I believe that I will live on this earth being blessed and being a blessing to others each day of my life, and then one day, I will be swept away into the eternal abyss of the place called heaven where I will meet my creator face to face. I believe this mostly because I am a Christian and this gives me hope. But now my understanding will help me to attend these celebrations of life on this earth with a joy in my heart. A joy and mostly a peace I could never have come close to knowing had I not had this awesome walk with the Lord my savior, and known of His love for me and us.

As I close, I think of my Pastor, Larry Linkous and the love he has shown everyone he comes in contact with each day. He is my mentor.




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