Menopause Belly- Part 2


After posting the article I wrote last week, I have heard from others regarding what they are going through with menopause. Mostly, it is not good. I have had a few tell me its better once they get through it, I have heard from others that they didn’t notice any weird changes at all, besides an occasional hot flash. I have heard from the majority of women that it was the most terrible thing in their world. In other words like I said in the previous article about how we all go though it differently, I have heard and now confirmed that we all go through this differently. In my previous article I mentioned that I am not using any kind of hormones, and I must stress that for the purpose of conveying what I am here, this is a hormone free article. As an aside, there are those who have had female reproductive organs removed surgically, some women on and off birth control pills, those who are using bio identical hormones, those who use Doctor prescribed hormones and those who use herbs to settle the symptoms. This is not an article on any of that. I am NOT using anything, I do have all my parts. This article is being written for those who can relate.

One goal for me is to maintain outward physical health. I must attack it from this approach. Some of you may not care about a few extra pounds or may be going through menopause just fine. But this article is for those like me who seriously want to shed some extra menopause fat, and battle the symptoms that come along with it. Ultimately we are watching our body changing from womanhood to older woman hood!

First and foremost I will say this, if the extra weight is indeed caused by menopause, you did not have the extra weight prior to menopause, and you are sitting there bewildered wondering what’s happening to you before your eyes , then maybe you are like me and we can get through this together. Menopause is not something that I take lightly. It is real and it is crazy. But remember this- it is not an excuse and will not be an excuse for laziness. Would I love to sit in front of the television and just chill with some Ben& Jerrys and whatever else comfort food I have? Yes!! But the effects menopause will have on my body if I were to do that would be tremendous. It is scary.

So, without further ado, I will start to outline what I am doing.

First, I have re-opened “My Fitness Pal” app. I am serious about everything I do so I must start where I can be accountable. I have my calories set at 1550 per day. This is MY goal. Now the big question is do I register my exercise daily to add extra calories to my 1550 total each day? Well yes and no. I exercise each day, when I am extra hungry I add the exercise, when I am not hungry, I don’t. It works for me. Really it does. I believe in staggering your caloric intake anyway and this gives me a feeling that I am doing that and doing what my body needs to lose the weight. Second, I have eliminated sugar, once again, from my diet. Technically the thyroid, adrenals and cortisol go to low or high levels while going through menopause. I am not so sure it goes crazy due to the amount of sugar we put into our bodies or just our hormones changing. Whether that is the cause or not, eliminating sugar has worked for me to get all that in order in the past and resulted in major weight loss. It should work for anyone. If eliminating sugar seems to be a key for all of you who are serious about losing weight, then why is it so hard? If you say to me, “I can’t do that” And come up with several different excuses why you can’t, I can say this; “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always have gotten”… …

To sum it up, this is where my journey through menopause starts. Eliminating sugar, holding myself accountable to my caloric intake, and exercising to win. My exercise routine has become defined again and I am on a mission. You can choose to do things that increase your comfort levels, like eat junk and relax, or you can choose not to do those things. Don’t give into it; try to find other things to take your time up. Believe me, at times it is hard, extremely hard, but every time I succeed is a time I am so much happier in the long run. I take small steps, baby steps. All the things we know to do and have come to know so well. After all we are grown now and wiser, lets grab this bull by the horns and ride though it together.

Now, Tell me what steps you have taken to return to yourself?

Coach Wendy

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