Menopause Belly

I am a personal trainer and I take what I do very seriously. Although I charge for my services it is not my plan to ever sell you something you don’t need for the sake of getting wealthier. My clients are in need of me for whatever I offer each one of them, and I will always be up front with them. This is my up front rant for the day, week or month…

I am sick of hearing how all these male fitness professionals have the cure for the menopause belly! Really? I am sick of reading articles from guys, not only are they guys, they are young guys. My gosh, I didn’t ever think I would get a menopause belly when I was young. In fact when I was young I was in every bit of great shape I could ever be in. If you look at my unadulterated photos from when I hit 50, up until I was 52, I was lean, mean and had abs. Here I am a couple years later, nothing has changed except my age,  my hormones and guess what, now my body. Am I struggling to get lean again? You betcha, and the key word here is struggling. This is no joke. I do not take or use artificial hormones. Not yet anyway. It is scary stuff. I am watching my levels dwindle to nothing. But when you are female your hormones change each and every day. Even emotions can change them. And as we go through menopause, the hormone changes are unreal. What is one to do? Use bio identical hormones, which are supposedly safer than premarin or some nasty thing that can be filled at a pharmacy? With your hormones changing constantly how do you know the correct amount? Is there ever really a correct amount? Well I am finding out the hard way and to the day, I just don’t know. So if I have to endure another article selling a program to rid myself of this menopausal fat, I think I will puke. I would love to tell each one of these expert men that they have not a clue. They are clueless. So I imagine their response to me would be, “well just because you are struggling, why does that make us clueless?” My response, “Because you are not a women, you are not in my age group, you are not going through menopause and do not have a belly that is growing before your eyes.”

I am fitness professional. I work out and eat well. I live a lifestyle of ultimate health. I do not abuse my body in any way. But here I am perplexed at all the so called experts out there, all the while watching myself and my friends who are going through menopause enduring changes that may last a lifetime.

We must remember that we each are different, we all have different hormones and they change daily. So what is the key you ask? Exercise daily, eat healthy, get enough sleep and endure less stress. Don’t allow “stress eating” to get you, embrace the few extra pounds and the belly and go on with everyday life as is. Don’t freak out when you see young women with tight beautiful skin, no wrinkles and no fat!! This is the new life for you. Go into it gradually and continue to do your thing, but know there WILL be changes that ARE inevitable!! The body changes will come and there is nothing you can naturally do for that! No program, no diet, no pill, no anything. There is NO miracle cure. Your hormones are changing and getting weaker, and so are you. But this too will plateau like everything in life. Once you come out on the other side, now you will have a new body to work with. I am attempting to hold onto my youth as long as I can, but things have changed for me. I know it, I can’t do what I used to do, nor can you. Now if you choose to take hormones, artificial or bio identical then that is your decision and trust in the medical system. .

As for me I am drug free, God knew what HE was doing when he made me. I am sure I can live a long healthy life despite my extra fat cells and a lot less hormones feeding into my system. Each day that passes will tell. Yes this is a process, unlike anything I have experienced. But whatever you do please don’t buy into all that jargon that these young fitness professionals are trying to sell you. They are too young and if they know a woman who looks great during menopause I would venture to say she is using something. And it typically is altering her hormones in some way. And yes there are women with great awesome genetics, so those would be the exception to the rule, but if they are telling you it’s a breeze through menopause, and then just tell them their genetics are different from yours. I am sure we all go through this differently. But you can be sure that this trainer is going through it now and battling every step I can. I will let you know how I came out in the other side. And I will not be selling you any information on how to lose the menopause belly… Coach Wendy

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