What about Type II Diabetes?

There is so much talk lately about being overweight and eating properly that it can be overwhelming to listen to it. Now that I work in a hospital setting I hear more and more about Type II diabetes, or as most people call it these days, diabetes. It seems in the health and medical industry most people don’t understand that type II diabetes (adult onset) is reversible through the right diet and lifestyle choices. It is not the same as type I Diabetes!

In fact, the pharmaceutical industry and even some doctors will tell you that type II Diabetes can’t be reversed…the damage to the pancreas is “already done”, and you’re doomed to using harmful drugs for the rest of your life. It seems there has been a melding of type I diabetes with type II diabetes. Sometimes I wonder when it happened, because I missed it!

It BURNS me up every time I hear a type II diabetic tell me that their doctor told them there was nothing they could do to reverse their “diabetes”.  According to most doctors who are brainwashed by the typical western medicine mindset, you can only “manage” type II diabetes, not cure it. And you must use dangerous pills to do so. Example: I was watching television and an ad for Victoza came on, about 10 seconds of what good it does and literally 45 seconds (or more) of the side effects. Really? This is just ONE of many examples.

Well, coming from a certified personal trainer, on behalf of my physician friends who do believe, we can not only manage it but REVERSE it with the proper (and I mean proper) eating habits and exercise resulting in weight loss. The years I have trained, I have seen it reversed with my own eyes. Some people lose the extra weight  and there it goes. If it’s not a weight issue, then it’s what you are ingesting, clear and simple. I am the perfect example of a person who has healthy weight and gets lots of exercise. I found out through blood work I was on my way to type II diabetes, but the thought scared me to death. I stopped eating sugar, (notice the ‘Articles’ tab on my website all the sugar blogs) and then within a few months, I was better. I trained Ron Preacher, a man who was not only overweight, but dying of heart disease and type II diabetes. He went off sugar, lost 160 lbs and was “cured” of the diabetes (and heart attack) threat. Amazing. How do you explain that almost every type 2 diabetic that goes onto the popular TV show The Biggest Loser ends up completely reversing their diabetes usually in about 6 weeks?  If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ve even seen the doctors on the show explain to the contestant that they no longer have diabetes anymore.  And they did it all through diet and exercise. Wow, that tells me something.

Obviously we can’t all go on that show and dedicate that time to workouts. We can reverse type II diabetes, and without the grueling 4-6 hrs of exercise every day that they do on that TV show.  In fact, did you know that there is research showing that pancreatic beta cells that were damaged previously can be regenerated?  It’s true.

All it takes is a sensible eating plan aka lifestyle, (not the one the Dr. would suggest which uses popular artificial sweeteners to replace the sugar!) and daily exercise to lose the extra weight. Remember, if you are 100lbs or more over weight, it may take a year to lose it all, but if you have the diet correct and you exercise daily, you can do it. Many people will reverse it, and live healthy for a while, then gain back all that weight, or go crazy eating sugar, and it comes back. Hopefully, not you. Lastly it takes strong will and determination, something you must have for a lifetime! Like I say in my Motivation video, ”every single day of my life”. Living a new healthy life, you will live WITHOUT being doomed to testing your blood sugar every day, and risking neuropathy or amputations. That’s what type I and now type II diabetes can lead to. Crazy isn’t it?

Here’s to you and a healthy life!

Coach Wendy

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