Avoid physical pain at all costs!

Physical pain is a terrible thing to have to experience. I would not wish physical pain on anyone. I am writing my blog from a prone position. A position I am typically in during sleep. Except now…..

If you know me well, you might know I have scoliosis, a rotation in my spine resulting in a short leg and 2 bulging discs. If you didn’t know that about me, you probably would not know it from looking at me and watching my workout videos. You see, I try my hardest to keep that knowledge where it belongs, to me. After all, what good does it do to wear it like a crown for all to see? Anyway, I could start another blog on that subject, but this one is about pain, physical pain, and what we could do to lessen the bouts.

Today I want to ask you, “What do you do to prevent reoccurring personal physical pain or injury?” I do all I can to avoid anything that could cause my back to spasm. Mostly I have found over the years the fastest way to aggravate my particular issue is performing anything unilaterally. That would be one arm or one leg anything, especially with one weight on one side of my body. The trick is to know what to do when, and what my limitations are. After a few months pain free, I have a limitless mind, so to speak. After all if I don’t try something how would I ever know if I can do it? So there comes the tricky situation of trying things, finding out that they don’t bother me for several years, then doing them again on a particular day and BAM! It sends me into severe back spasms which send me home and ultimately lying in this position writing this blog.

That’s what I was doing Friday. I used a workout I had done several times before in the past. I was following it to the letter then while performing a movement I do very often, it grabbed me. By the 3rd rep I was faking it, by 5th I was done. I tried to do some planks, foam rolling, stretching, all the tricks I know how to do to alleviate the issue but it kept getting tighter and tighter till eventually I was headed home. So here I lay, my limitless mind limited now by all one can do during this crazy painful time in my life.

Is there something you face on a routine basis? Is there something you can do to prevent the “down times”? I think back to all my friends who have had a back issue in the past, when we spoke I relay how much I felt their pain. Now it’s my turn. A lot of ice, moist heat, ibuprofen, bio- freeze, rolling around and lastly getting up to walk around the house so I don’t get stiff. So what do I do with this pain? I deal with it and know it is a part of me, None the less I do all I can year around to prevent it. I eat healthy, keep my weight down, my core strong and stay active. Do you do these things? My point is- all we can do is the best we can to prevent issues from manifesting themselves in our lives. With all I do to prevent the pain, it does come from time to time, I must deal with it the best I can. Preventative being the only way I can somewhat control it. Otherwise I have lost control to “it”. Whatever it is you face in your life on a regular basis, I hope that you find good healthy habits you can form in your life to be in control of it the best you can. Otherwise you will be a victim of the issue, always and seeming forever. That is not good. So control yourself and stay healthy, the best you can. Don’t rely on Doctors to give you the best medicine to hide the symptoms. They can help you figure out the root, which is the best you can do. Stay healthy or get healthy. Stay active or get active. After all we are ALL getting older! You will face those times but they will be few and far between and will not last as long as they would otherwise.

Let me know how you are doing with this task, for the rest of your life! Coach Wendy

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