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This is a personal blog, although most on my blogs are somewhat personal, this one is about my health. Specifically, female health. So guys, this will not interest you, but LADIES read carefully.  This is about the health that we all sign waivers for while at our doctor’s office.

I have always lived a “healthy” lifestyle. I have been aware of what goes in my body for years and prior to my awareness, lived healthy because my family taught me to do so. This experience was a big shocker to me. I am currently being treated with a medication that I don’t want to take, for something I never thought I would have. Without exact details, I had a few tests that my Doctor thought suspect which led her to do an exploratory surgery. After the surgery, I knew she had been successful, but after the biopsies were sent out to the lab, I waited in fear of what I thought may be the worst. I am a Christian and I prayed and believed God would heal me, but I still felt unsettled in my mind when I would wonder about the results. Then the day happened when the Dr. Office called. They said they couldn’t give me the results over the phone; I would have to come in.

Of course it was a Thursday and the Dr. was out until the following week. So guess who had a pretty agonizing weekend? By the time I got to her office expecting the worst, I got ok news, but not total clearance (which I had expected prior to the call). Of all the things she removed, one had unusual cells.

I am praying and believing it will be much better next time, but let me tell you, although she didn’t say the “C” word, I know what crazy unusual overgrowing cells were indicative of.   Some of my closest friends have suggested I go ahead and have a hysterectomy. Unfortunately, I want all my parts and thanked God the Dr. did not want to do that yet. She put me on a medication that I must take every day for 3 months.  After that routine, assuming there are no complications, I will go through another minor surgery for biopsies and a clean bill of health.

On the bright side, I have been on the medication for almost one month. Although my Dr. said I will gain weight, I have lost 2 lbs.(thanks to my new accountability partner called “My Fitness Pal”)

I feel fine, somewhat tired at times, but mostly like my mind is in a cobweb, another way of saying I cannot think clearly. I have read that those are all classic symptoms of what this pill is doing with my hormones. This is not an article for guys, but for women who read this, just be mindful and recognize when your body has symptoms that are not “normal” for you. I realized this after 4 months of abnormal signs to my routine monthly issues. Lucky for me, I have a diligent Dr. who wanted to look inside up close and personal, which is aggressive yet conservative. She has my interests at heart. Feel comfortable with your female Dr. and beware of what you will go thorough when you start reaching that wonderful thing called menopause. One thing I cannot stress enough- no matter what all your friends say about their weird menopause symptoms- Yours are unique to YOU and you must know yourself well enough to know when something is “just not right

Clearly, I am not out of the woods yet. Late November, I go back under the knife.  Until then, I believe I am healed, I feel healed, and mostly I know I am on top of things, with a great physician standing next to me. With my healthy lifestyle, my God with me and my Dr. on my side, I believe I will be writing blogs about good things for many, many years to come. This is a message to those of you who want to live a long healthy life alongside me. Take care of yourselves and be diligent!

Coach Wendy


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